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Grout sealing with titanium.

Shower grout sealing service in San Diego. Waterproof sealer.

Shower grout color sealing

Water based sealers. Sacrificing quality.

Most contractors performing the shower grout sealing service in San Diego don’t allow you to use harsh chemicals or scrub their sealers. The reason – they apply water based sealers, peeling and wear off the shower floor and walls within months. These sealers are cheap and easy to work with. If the epoxy grout is good, we color seal it with Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium resin with a 5 year labor warranty. Caponi® grout sealer>

Caponi – Shower Approved Grout Sealer

Imagine shower grout with no stains.

We can take your shower to new heights with our patented shower grout sealing service in San Diego. Grout is same as the beach’s sand, absorbing liquids and stains in a short order. No matter how clean your grout is, it will become dirty if not sealed with the correct product. Our San Diego artists use a titanium color seal, preventing the shower grout from staining for a lifetime.
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Shower Restoration with Caponi tile, grout, stone professionals D'Sapone

Re-grouting. Temporary fix.

Re-grouting showers is fixing the issues only for a short period of time, as grout is very porous and retains moisture, causing stains and the growth of mold. We are perfectionists, believing in achieving a durable masterpiece with Caponi®, which is engineered to make you feel awesome everytime you shower. It prevents the grout from absorbing moisture with its titanium coating.

Restoring Grout without Re-grouting
Eliminating Mold in Showers

The mold curse in showers.

Mold takes place in wet settings. First, it lurks in the corners and within a few days, it grows throughout the entire surface. Mold ruins showers and also causes health issues. Our ‘Healthy Shower’ processes eliminate this issue at the root permanently.
Cleaning mold in shower

Here is your free estimate.
Shower grout sealing service in San Diego.

No matter how damaged your shower grout is, we will make it look new for a lifetime. Just simply send us the images of your stained grout and get your free estimate. One of our grout sealing experts will be assigned to take your shower to the next level.
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‘Healthy Shower’ Estimate

Questions about color sealing?
Here are our answers.

What if my shower is peeling, because a contractor had restored it?

Yes. Your contractor had sealed your floor with a water based sealer that doesn’t last more than 6 months. Using cheap product is not our style. While performing a quality shower grout sealing service in San Diego, we seal the grout only with Caponi®, a 2 part pigmented grout sealer. It waterproofs all the grout lines and resists harsh chemicals.

Why does D'Sapone® not seal porcelain tile?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles should not be sealed because the seal will peel within months.

How does ceramic tile differ from travertine?

Ceramic tile is made by man and is produced easily as compared to travertine stone. However, travertine is a natural stone and expensive than ceramic tile.

Do you seal the tile with Caponi®?

No. Caponi® is specially designed to seal the grout.

Why is Caponi® better than water based sealer?

Caponi® is built from titanium and soaks deep beneath the grout lines to prevent future staining for a long time. However, water based sealer peels within 6 months.

What cleaner do you use to clean the floor?

We clean the floor with Imperia, which goes beneath the surface to remove all the stains and molds from the root.

Why D'Sapone®?

We perform the best shower grout sealing service in San Diego with our exclusive and high quality sealer from pFOkUS® with a 5 year warranty.

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