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Making shower glass stain free.

Glass Shower Door

The two most common minerals in water calcium and magnesium make “hard water dots”. These dots can be disastrous for your glass. D'Sapone® restores your glass, removing all the glass water spots and etching with Benaz.

Experience clarity beyond imagination.

Now experience unbelievable clarity, on an astonishing scale. We want to restore your glass to display the new look of your shower restoration. Realizing your eye for detail makes restoring the entrance to your shower, the final touch. Read our maintenance below to keep the clarity. Shower Restoration>

Glass Cleaning with Benaz

The Valore experience.
Glass sealer re-imagined.

It’s Epic – to watch Valore’s invisible bonding molecules unveil their magic. Try the Valore Experience and watch water sheet off the surface instantly, drying dot free – within seconds of appllication. Science meets technology and results in a maintenance free shower protected by Valore – a smooth aluminum bottle that seamlessly fits your hand filled with your own maid, which keeps a spotless shower. Shower Maintenance with Valore>
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Valore Cleaner and Sealer

So long spotted glass.
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Get your free estimate for restoration in Honolulu. Every estimate is assigned to an artist, who will complete the entire process. E-mail us pictures and our server will calculate the rest. Get your estimate via email today>
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Glass Cleaner and Sealer

Questions about glass restoring?
Here are our answers.

Can you remove all the hard dots, which are etched in my glass?

Yes. We eliminate all the water spots with our Benaz cleaner from pFOkUS®.

Is Benaz biodegradable and does it have any smell?

Yes. Benaz is 100% biodegradable and it has a spearmint odor.

Does D'Sapone® eliminate all the scratches?

We eliminate light surface scratches, not deep.

Will your process remove all the hard dots from my metal frame?

Of Course, we apply Benaz to the metal frame and remove all the water spots.

How can we prevent the occurrence of hard water?

We will seal your shower glass with Valore. The same product you can use to maintain your glass after we leave and you will never get hard water again.

Where can we get the Valore?

You can get it from D'Sapone® and pFOkUS® as well at the same price.

How often should Valore be used after you leave?

Minimal once a week.

Why D'Sapone®?

We are trained to restore glass on an epic scale.


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