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Healthy Shower Restoration Grout Tile Stone

Shower restoration re-visualized.

We understand that Honolulu relies on D’Sapone ‘Healthy Shower System’, irrespective of how damaged the surface is, with mold and mildew. This would be impassable without pFOkUS® designed incomparable cleaners and sealers. The conclusion is a caulk free, stain free and scrub free shower, which is revolutionary in the restoration industry.
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Knock out efflorescence.

We reinstate not just the surface, but also the shower drain.
Removing Efflorescence>

Efflorescence is a Curse

Simply miraculous.
A shower without caulking.

As caulk peels. It invites mold & stains.
Caulk Removing Service>

Caulk Removing

Titanium grout restoration.

Bid adieu to stains, discoloration and peeling.
Sealing Grout>

A Titanium Grout Sealer

Cracked tiles amended.

We can resolve without replacing.
Repair Cracked Tile>

Cracked Tile

Stone. Secured. Guarded.

We seal and water-proof stone.
Sealing Stone>

Slate Sealing

Cultured marble.

Renovation meets innovation.
Cleaning Cultured Marble>

Cultured Marble Restoration

Maintenance made uncomplicated.

Valore cleans and seals with perfection. It’s the most elegant sealer and cleaner in Honolulu.
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Valore Maintenance Cleaner


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