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Just Love your Shower But Hate your Stained and Etched Glass?

D'Sapone Admin, November 29, 2016

Your shower glass door or enclosure puts a meaningful impact in your bathroom. No matter how clean the floor and walls are, your shower will not look classy if the glass door is stained and etched. Showers are the most sensitive areas in your home as they get more water in a year as compared to your roof. The combination of calcium and magnesium in water creates hard dots, deteriorating glass’ quality.

Glass is smooth on the surface, but under a microscope, it looks all Grand Canyon. Water dots dry to it and minerals from the water are left behind, which embed themselves in glass. Most contractors use cheap cleaners from big box stores to eliminate this issue. These cleaners don’t deliver a clear resolution to your glass. Your shower door also needs the correct sealer, which prevents minerals from staining and etching it again. We have an exclusive deal with pFOkUS® to use their high class glass restoration products in the areas we service. pFOkUS® only designs high class products formulated on a molecular level strictly for shower glass.

shower glass doorsWhat Products Does D'Sapone® Apply to Clean and Seal Shower Glass?

Benaz – Cleaner

Benaz is a cleaner, eliminating all the water spots, mineral stains, lime scale and soap scum. No matter how damaged the glass is, Benaz brings tremendous clarity on an epic scale and renders a catchy appearance for your shower. We also apply it to the cultured marble in showers to remove mold, mildew, stains and etching.

Valore – Maintenance Cleaner and Sealer

Once we clean, we will seal it with Valore that halts the mineral deposits from staining and etching your glass. It is more than a sealer, maintaining your glass with little effort. Fortified at a molecular level, Valore protects shower glass for a lifetime. Packed in a small aluminum bottle, it is very easy to use. Experience Valore and watch how it dries your glass within seconds.

valore glass cleaner and sealer

To learn more about maintenance, visit
How to use Valore?

  • Spray it throughout the entire glass.
  • Wipe clean with a dry towel.
  • Use it once every 3 weeks from shoulder down and then wipe dry.
  • Re-apply it once every 3 months from shoulder up and wipe.

This is the easiest way to keep your shower glass stain free and etch free for a long time. For more information about our shower glass restoration service, visit


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