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Why there’s nothing quite like Caponi® sealer.

Every re-grout ends with stains — that too within months. Re-Grouting should be more than just grout replacement, making the surface look bad within months. Besides, maintenance should be simple and easy. Grout Sealing with Caponi®>

Shower Re-grouting D'Sapone

A quality substitute of re-grouting.

Caponi® and Sentura have been formulated to work with each other and enhance each other for our ‘Artists’, who use them regularly. That’s how we make a grout restoration stain-proof, dust free, and above all almost maintenance free. Stop re-grouting. Shower Restoration>

Sealing Grout Instead of Re-grouting | D'Sapone

A restoration ideated to your
highest standards.

Once your shower is repaired with Sentura and sealed with Caponi®, you can relax and know your shower is protected for a lifetime. We even warranty our work for 5 years with Valore. Learn more about ‘Warranty’>
Sealing Grout>

Shower Grout Restoration | Dsapone
Mold Ruins the Shower | D'Sapone

The very curse of mold.

Re-grouting service is a temporary fix. Mold and mildew can be averted by waterproofing the grout with Caponi® and sealing the corners with Sentura. Our ‘Healthy Shower’ system in Honolulu will prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Steam machines kill mold only on the surface. We use chemicals, which soak into the cracks and corners to kill the mold. Removing mold from Shower
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Do not re-grout. The future of
restoration is here.

It’s a method to relieve the stress of your shower issues. Let our Honolulu artists make your shower their next masterpiece. Shower Restoration>

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There’s nothing quite like it.
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There is a new way to receive your re-grouting service estimate. Every estimate is ascribed to an artist, who will fulfill the task. Just simply email us pictures and our server will calculate the rest. We already know the solutions to your problems. Get your estimate via email today>
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Questions about shower re-grouting?
Here are our answers.

Does D'Sapone® replace grout?

Yes. Only when all the grout lines are low due to cleaning chemicals. Even in this case also, we seal the grout with Caponi®.

My shower is looking dirty, would you re-grout?

No. We would use Caponi® to seal your grout with a 5 year warranty. Re-grouting only protects the grout for a short period of time and within six months, you will get the same issue. caponi>

Our grout cracks, what is the reason?

There are many reasons behind this problem. A few common reasons are given below:
a. Your grout is old that has been started to harden with chunks.
b. A large quantity of water was used to mix the grout.
c. There are loose tiles.

Would D'Sapone® re-grout, if my shower grout is low?

No. We would use Sentura to repair the bad areas. Sentura looks like grout and protects the area for a long time. It is stronger than grout.

We have multiple restaurants with grout issues in our kitchens. What is the solution?

We mix Caponi® colorant and Sentura to use the same for the area. We don’t re-grout in restaurants as it will fail within six months. Sentura resists chemicals and saves the tile from coming loose.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®?

We have more than 7 years of experience in this business and we only use the products manufactured from pFOkUS® to deliver incredible cleanliness.


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