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Sealing travertine stone.

Our artists prep the stone surface before applying quality sealers. Our sealers penetrate better, once stains, oil and existing sealers are wiped out of the surface. D'Sapone® delivers dual sealing services. With Repela-Bond and a topical sealer with Celine. Travertine cleaning>


When we clean travertine, we also seal the stone with Repela-Bond from pFOkUS®. Only cleaning travertine is not enough as it will be accessible to stains. Travertine gets a hydrophilic appearance, once fluids are poured on it. Repela-Bond efficiently prevents acids from etching travertine. Repela-Bond sealer>

Sealing travertine with Celine. A clear solvent topical sealer.

Celine – a clear topical chemical resistant sealant waterproofs the stone surface. It prevents travertine from retaining moisture, causing mold and stains. It soaks deep into the stone achieving durability on floors, countertops and in showers. Travertine restoration >

Sealing travertine floors. Protection that will floor you.

Celine is our robust clear sealer for travertine floors that adds a slight sheen to the stone, while Repela-Bond is a natural look sealer, which delivers strong protection and is easily preserved. D'Sapone® delivers the best travertine sealing service in Honolulu. Polishing travertine>

On top innovation. Inside Protection.

Stains, mold and mildew are a common site in travertine showers. Until now. Celine coats the top of the travertine and soaks deep to protect the stone with its mold prevention technology. We carry a 5 year labor warranty on our ‘Healthy Travertine Shower’ services. Travertine shower resurfacing>

Designed for maintenance.
And everything else.


Valore is known for its hydrophilic protection and lavender aroma. The latest additives of Alco prevent streaking and H2O2 assists in sanitizing travertine With a new concentrated formulation, making the new Valore better than its predecessor. Travertine services>

Travertine sealing. Contact D’Sapone today.

Here is the first step for achieving your new travertine restoration in Honolulu. Simply fill out our estimate form and have us call you back. Travertine cleaning estimate>
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Does D'Sapone® warranty their work?

We offer a 5 year service warranty on all of our healthy shower and floor systems.

Do your products come with a manufacture warranty?

Yes, pFOkUS® offers a 10 year warranty on all of their products with the “Healthy Care Kit” protection.” This kit includes Valore to clean & protect your surface.

Will Celine make my shower floor slippery?

No. Celine will soak deep into the stone pores, which will not change the slip-resistance nature of the surface.

Will Celine change the look of my stone?

Yes. It may enhance the stone or add a semi-sheen to the surface.

Will Repela-Bond change the look of my stone?

No. Repela-Bond is an invisible sealer once it cures.

What is the most durable sealer D'Sapone® uses?

Celine is our most durable sealer.

How long will it take for the stone to dry?

Walk on the floor within 4 hours and shower within 24 hours.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®?

D'Sapone®’s artists are passionate and equipped with quality cleaners & sealers.


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