Travertine Stone Restoration in Hawaii, Honolulu

Travertine stone. Reintroduced in it’s most elegant form.

Travertine – a form of limestone with its durability and natural colored texture and visibly porous look has become the preferred and the topmost choice for installation of tiles in houses , especially in kitchens and bathrooms. With a gamut of colors and low sustainment cost due to being smooth and absorbent, it is becoming the most viable choice of tile installation replacing marbles.

Breathe new Life into your travertine with
our exclusive technique.

Breathe new Life into your travertine with our exclusive technique.

Resurrect your travertine back to how it was on the first day of installation, using our exclusive and trusted technique. D’Sapone is committed in its resolve to render newness into your home and life through its tried and tested techniques. Travertine cleaning>


Titanium sealed grout. No stains.

Titanium sealed grout. No stains.

Our Honolulu artists perform grout sealing using Caponi®- a 2 part pigmented resin sealer, which provides a range of colors and with our 5 years stainless warranty, delivers a new color and life to your grout. Travertine grout staining>

Flatten your travertine.

Flatten your travertine.

Cracks and voids will no more bother you. We are proficient in polishing, filling and ground flattening of the holes in travertine tiles, like it has been delivered straight from the factory. Travertine restoration estimate>

Filling travertine cracks.

Say goodbye to ugly cracks in travertine by subscribing to the expertise of our artists who ground flat, polish and blend the crack into the stone. Experience a brand new flooring without any new installation. Repairing cracks in travertine>

Repela-Bond. Invisible sealer,
visible results.

Repela-Bond – an invisible sealer has been employed by our artists to seal the stone. You can subscribe to a stone polishing service with our travertine restoration process. Travertine sealing>

Celine- The Potent Sealer. Manufactured with efficacious molecules.

Celine a solvent sealer keeps stains at bay and adds to the beauty and durability of your tiles, hence, leading to the longevity of the tiles appeal and attractiveness. Sealing travertine>

Travertine. Polishing from
the inside out.

D’Sapone has revived the process of stone polishing from the inside out to prevent etches to show up and dampen your mood. Travertine stone polishing>

Experience a ‘Healthy Travertine
Shower’ with no stains.

Experience a ‘Healthy Travertine Shower’ with no stains.

Unsure about how your travertine shower can be restored back to life? No need to worry, our artists with their years of experience and high level of competence will make sure your shower experience is brightened, add to that our 5 years of service warranty steered by our potent sealers and technology. Travertine shower restoration>

Let us take care
of your needs.

Honolulu, we will assign your estimate to one of our stone experts, who will complete the entire process. Just simply fill out our online estimate form and send us the pictures of your damaged areas. We will take care of your needs.
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