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Floors. Spotless. Durable.

You don’t even have to give instructions. Our Tulsa artists will renovate your floor on an epic scale.

Restored Floor

Retouching stone. Enhancing quality.

Our experts are your experts. They can give life to the unsighted travertine floor with our impressively designed sealer from pFOkUS®. We always leave a captivating floor after the successful completion of our job.
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Stone Floors Restoration

Long-lasting protection.
Our titanium sealer is here.

Tulsa, you don’t need to mention a single word. All qualities, including stain proof, sanitized and titanium protection are packed with our Caponi® sealer. No matter, what are you doing, using harsh chemicals or scrubbing, it will never be affected.
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Caponi Pigmented Color Seal Floors

A sanitized surface.
Bringing that cleanliness to your floor.

Acrylic water based sealers peel and wear off the grout in just six months. However, Caponi® enables us to offer a 5 year warranty with the use of Valore. It is strong enough to resist harsh chemicals. If the epoxy grout is durable, only then we use it, as getting call backs backs is not our style.
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Sealing Floor Grout

Incredible cleaner.
Small enough to grasp.

Our Tulsa artists use Valore from pFOkUS® to keep your floor tile and grout always captivating. It removes all the dust and renders a stunning aspect for a long time. The quality of Valore allows us to offer a 5 year warranty.
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So long…. stained floor grout.

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Floor Restoration Estimate

Tulsa, now there is an entirely new way to receive an estimate. Every estimate is assigned to an artist, who will complete the entire process. Just simply email us pictures and our server will calculate the rest.
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Questions about sealing floors?
Here are our answers.

Does D'Sapone® pigment Caponi®?

Yes. We have above 40 colors and we apply Caponi® according to the color of the current grout.

How is Caponi® durable than water based sealers?

Water based sealers will peel within a short period of time, while Caponi® penetrates deep into the grout to prevent stains from taking place for a long time.

If I have animals, then how long will Caponi® protect my grout?

It will last above 10 years and we offer a 5 year warranty.

Does D'Sapone® allow to scrub their sealer?

Of course. You can scrub Caponi® as it is the only grout sealer, which can be scrubbed and will not be affected by harsh chemicals.

Can you use Caponi® on nonsanded, sanded and epoxy grouts?

Yes. Caponi® is formulated at 1283psi adhesion, enabling it to bond all types of grouts.

How long will we have to wait to walk on our floors after our grout is sealed?

Usually 4 hours.

Do other companies have right to use Caponi®.

No. only we can apply caponi.

Why should we contact D'Sapone®?

We restore the floor on an epic scale with incredibly engineered products from pFOkUS®.

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