Cracked Tile Restorations in Tulsa, OK | Repairing Cracked Tile


An astonishing way to repair the cracked tile.

Sentura Repairs Cracked Tile
Repairing Cracked Tile

Don’t worry. No need of extra tile.

Our Artists are highly trained to repair the cracked tile.

Tile is cracked badly?

Most contractors install all the pieces of tile and they don’t leave a single piece. If your tile cracks in the future, they demand a new tile that doesn’t match to your current tile color. If you have an extra tile, we will replace the cracked tile, else we rectify the cracking issue with Sentura. It comes in above 40 colors, which are enough to deliver a natural look to your surface.
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Crack on tile

No cracks. No issues.

A whole new way to repair the cracks. Our Tulsa artists even pigment the Sentura to suit your project’s needs.

A Shower with No Cracks

Repairing cracks of the natural stone.

Our artists color match the Sentura with tile. Sentura is formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, which will never loose and will protect the stone for a lifetime.
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Dynamic Crack Restoration

Birth of efflorescence in showers.

Shower Pan Diagram

The given image shows why efflorescence develops in your shower. Just see the top of the concrete that needs waterproof membrane, but here it is not available. Apart from this, pre-slope is also not provided underneath the mud bed. Their absence prevents water from draining to the weep holes properly, as well as the mud bed will not dry out. The grout lines and tile crack due to the presence of efflorescence. After repairing the cracked tile, we cover the damaged grout lines with Caponi® and then, apply Sentura at the corners to prevent the effect of water.
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Cracked tiles are not a pretty site and cause headaches. Receive an estimate from a D'Sapone® artist, who will complete the entire process. Tulsa, just simply email us the pictures and our server will calculate the rest.
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