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Innovation can be
found at every glance.

Friends and families prefer pool to have fun around the water. Our Tulsa artists deliver an incredible look to the pool by restoring stainless rails, tile, grout and stone at a fresh level. Once they restore your pool, you will get the appreciations from your guests for maintenance, rather than complaints for imperfection.

Pool Restoration

More than a
simple restoration.

We don’t only overcome the mineral deposits issues on tile, rather also bring back the real charm of the pool. Just see below the two pieces of the tile repaired by us, you will find innovation at every level. Grout Sealing>

Pool Tile Cleaning
Eliminating Mineral Deposits

Ask more of your pool than a burden.

Repairing the cracked tile and grout is second nature to our Tulsa artists. Re-grouting invites the same burden again within months. We fill the cracks with Sentura – a flexible 2-part solvent resin/epoxy. It is chemical resistant and is available in more than 40 colors. Repair Cracked Tile>

Repairing Pool Tile and Grout

Adding a great experience

with the polished rail.

Etched Stainless

Stainless plays an important role, as it assists your guests while departing the pool. Corroded and etched stainless gives a bad impression to the guests. Notice the image below, how we have polished a small area of the rail. After it is polished, we apply a clear solvent sealer to prevent future staining.
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Polished Stainless

waterfall stone.

Pool Tile Restoration San Diego

Water travels over the travertine to fall into the pool and ruins the stone with Chlorine. Notice the difference between before and after in the image shown in the left. Our Tulsa artist has overcome this problem with Sentura – a flexible 2-part solvent resin/epoxy.
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