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Sealing stone showers with pFOkUS® sealers.

Your shower requires more maintenance as compared to the rest of the part of your home. In just a year, it gets 414 times extra water than the roof. We apply quality sealers from pFOkUS® to the stone shower with a 3 year warranty.

Natural Stone Sealing
Sealing Travertine Showers

Sealer designed for travertine. And anything you can do with it.

Preventing the growth of mold is not an easy task for the cleaners and sealers available at big box stores. Our transcendent product- Celine is not just a sealer, it also waterproofs the shower with a sleek finish.
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Sealing slate showers
to that brand
new look.

Our Tulsa artists don’t only believe in sealing the slate, rather they also offer a waterproofed shower with Celine from pFOkUS®. They use H2O2, which soaks deep into the slate and grout to eliminate the mold.
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Sealing Slate Showers

Marble sealed at the next level.

Sealing Marble Showers

Most people love to install marble stone in their showers. It is porous and retains moisture, inviting mold & mildew to grow into the stone. We refine the sealer to offer an astonishing aspect for your shower.
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Stone Shower Restoration Estimate

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Taking care of stone showers is the biggest responsibility for any homeowner. We are here to accomplish this responsibility successfully. Tulsa, you only need to email us the pictures and then, our server will calculate the rest. We will assign your estimate to one of our artists, who will be well versed in completing that task.
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Questions about sealing stone showers?
Here are our answers.

Which sealer do you use for natural stone?

We use Celine, which is formulated with resin to protect the stone for a long time. It also has a slight sheen.

I have to seal my stone, but I don’t want to change its appearance. Is there any way?

Yes. We will apply Repela-Bond – a clear solvent natural look sealant.

Why water based sealers should not be used?

Water based sealers cannot hold up in the shower environment and will peel within months. These types of sealers will always fail, no matter what your contractor is saying.

Can you seal my grout with your stone sealer?

Of course, but we use Caponi® to seal the grout as it is available in more than 40 colors, which are enough to be matched with your grout color.

Do your sealers have any smell?

Yes. The engineer fragrances the smell with cherry or lavender.

When can I use my shower after it has been sealed?

After 24 hours.

Are pFOkUS® sealants used by other contractors?

Yes, but only we have exclusive deal with pFOkUS® to use their products in the areas we service.

Why D'Sapone®?

We deliver transcendent restoration service with our high quality products from pFOkUS®.

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