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Covers drains. Takes place over the tile. Damages the grout.

Efflorescence Elimination

The effect of efflorescence.

Removing Efflorescence in Showers

Efflorescence is a big issue that puts a bad impact on all the cement based materials. It occurs due to the soluble salts, taking birth from soils or masonry. These salts come over the surface and result in a white residue with the water evaporation. If this issue is not rectified at the time, then efflorescence will cracks tile and grout, and will clog the shower drain.
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There’s more to love.

We clean the shower drain by removing its cover. Now, we scrape all efflorescence on the tile and grout.

Cleaning Tile and Grout

Removing efflorescence with chemicals.

Chemically eliminating Efflorescence

Our Tulsa artists eliminate the efflorescence with Zido from pFOkUS®. This product is designed incredibly and after coming in contact with the surface, it removes all the efflorescence. It also goes deep into the surface and attacks the slats to overcome this issue from the root.
Sealing Grout>

Caulkless. Stainproof. Durable.

We repair the missing grout and replace the caulk with Sentura – a flexible resin/epoxy filler. Now, we seal the all the grout lines with Caponi® – a two part solvent titanium pigmented sealer. This is our tactic of offering you a damage free shower for a long time.

Waterproofing the Entire Shower

Efflorescence takes place in shower. Why?

The given image shows why the efflorescence develops in your shower. Just see the top of the concrete that needs a waterproof membrane, but here it is not available. Pre-slope is also not provided underneath the mud bed. Their absence prevents the water from draining to the weep holes properly, as well as the mud bed will not dry out. The grout lines and tile crack due to the presence of efflorescence. After repairing the cracked tile, we cover the damaged grout lines with Caponi® and then, apply Sentura in the corners to prevent the effect of water.
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Shower Pan Diagram

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Questions about efflorescence?
Here are our answers.

What does efflorescence look like?

Efflorescence looks like a whitish grout, which occurs in your grout and on top of your tile.

Why does efflorescence grow on my shower floor?

Your shower has not been installed correctly and it is allowing water to dwell within the tile, feeding the minerals in the concrete mud bed. The minerals take birth in your shower drain via the weep holes. Then, it grows on your tile and grout.

Can efflorescence be removed?

Of course. Our powerful cleaners and sealers from pFOkUS® will not break down overtime and will eliminate efflorescence from the root. We fill all the corners with Sentura and apply Caponi® to the grout lines, creating a waterproof shower.

My shower drain is clogged with efflorescence, why?

Efflorescence grows through the drain weep holes beneath the tile and clogs the shower drain. We will eliminate this issue from the root.

Why is my cultured marble peeling, because a contractor had restored it?

You should post reviews for other people. Don’t be fooled by contractors delivering this service. There is not any tactic to rectify this issue because the entire pan will have to be stripped.

Why should we call D'Sapone®?

Only we remove the efflorescence with a long time warranty.

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