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Travertine restoration to the next level.

Travertine stone takes birth in the caves of limestone and hot springs. It has holes inside owing to the evasion of carbon dioxide. Travertine renders a quite rigid appearance than other stones.

Travertine cleaning. No mold.
No stains. No sealers.

Travertine cleaning. No mold. No stains. No sealers.

Make your travertine look new again with our patented cleaning process. Our Tulsa artists will eliminate stains, mold and any sealers at the root with an incredibly engineered cleaner from pFOkUS®.
Travertine cleaning>


After cleaning travertine, sealing the grout.

After cleaning travertine, sealing the grout.

After travertine has been cleaned, the grout still may have stains. We protect the grout with Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin, locking out all the stains. It comes in more than 40 colors, which are enough to suit your travertine color.
Travertine grout staining>

Sentura. More
than a refined filler.

Sentura. More than a refined filler.

We fill the travertine holes with Sentura that’s not only refined, rather redesigned with a 1200psi adhesion. We color match this filler to have a deep color saturation.
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Rectifying cracking issue.

You will enjoy a smooth and new looking travertine surface, once we rectify the cracking issue. We fill the cracks with Sentura – a 1200psi adhesion, which is unheard of in the industry. We will match its color to the stone color.
Repairing cracks in travertine>

A clear resin.
Preventing stains.

Once your travertine has been cleaned, we will seal it with a natural look sealer – Repela-Bond that penetrates deep into the stone and prevents further staining issue. It doesn’t add a sheen to the surface and is almost maintenance free.
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There’s a hydrophobic sealer. Strengthened with efficacious molecules.

You believe in durable sealers, protecting travertine for a long time. We strive for the hand applied quality. Tulsa, we use Celine, waterproofing the stone and grout with a sleek finish. Compare below the difference between the sealed (top) and unsealed (bottom) travertine. An oil based sealer, Celine penetrates deep into the surface. We offer a 3 year labor warranty on our travertine sealing service, when maintained with Valore.
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Travertine polishing

Polishing the stone with diamonds and powders has become outdated in today’s generation. Our artists are up to date and they never apply this old fashioned tactic. We polish travertine with Celine, which adds an unimagined beauty to the surface. If we will not use Celine, the stone can be etched by acids.
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Experience a “Healthy Travertine
Shower” with no stains.

Experience a “Healthy Travertine Shower” with no stains.

Our “Healthy Travertine Shower” service includes all the processes your stone and grout need. We will clean the surface eliminating all the mold, mildew, etching and stains. Then, we will lock out their occurrence with our oil based deep penetrating sealers. Not only do we restore the travertine shower, we also offer a 5 year labor warranty with the use of Valore.
Travertine shower restoration>

Let us take care
of your needs.

Tulsa, we will assign your estimate to one of our stone experts, who will complete the entire process. Just simply fill out our online estimate form and send us the pictures of your damaged areas. We will take care of your needs.
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