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Efflorescence clogs the drains and causes cracking issues.

Efflorescence Elimination

Efflorescence. Burden.

Removing Efflorescence in Showers

Efflorescence destroys the entire shower. It is caused by the migration of soluble salts, coming from masonry. These slats take place on the surface, where water evaporates and leaves a white residue. Efflorescence closes the drain and cracks the tile and grout.
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Eliminating efflorescence.

We perform the shower efflorescence removal service in San Diego by eliminating the cover from the shower drain. Then, they scrape efflorescence from the tile and grout. Not only do we clean showers, we remove the efflorescence issues permanently.

Cleaning Tile and Grout

Removing efflorescence with chemicals.

Chemically eliminating Efflorescence

We have a new way to perform the shower efflorescence removal service in San Diego, with Zido – a powerful chemical from pFOkUS®. It removes efflorescence on the surface and then, goes into the floor attacking the calcium salts.
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Preventing efflorescence.

Not only do we eliminate the efflorescence, we also prevent its growth for a lifetime with Sentura – a flexible resin/epoxy sealant, and Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium resin. Sentura repairs all the cracked and missing grout lines and replaces the caulk, while Caponi® seals the grout. Both of these products waterproof the surface preventing efflorescence.
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Waterproofing the Entire Shower

Why efflorescence occurs in showers?

This diagram, displays how your shower is constructed when you have efflorescence issues or in some cases mold problems. The top of the mud bed (concrete) is not protected with a waterproofing membrane. Underneath the mud bed, there is no pre-slope. Without either of these steps, water will not drain to the weep holes and the mud bed will not dry out. Efflorescence can crack the grout lines and tiles. Once we repair the crack, it’s highly recommended to seal the grout with Caponi® and all the corners with Sentura – which would waterproof the shower.
Removing Caulk>
Grout cleaning>

Shower Pan Diagram

Shower efflorescence removal service in San Diego.

Efflorescence is nothing short of a burden in showers. Send us the images and get your free estimate today. One of our artists will make your shower look new with a 5 year labor warranty.
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Shower Restoration Estimate

Efflorescence removal questions?
Here are our answers.

Is efflorescence a white substance, taking place in the surface?

Yes. It may look like a whitish grout, growing in your grout lines and over your tile. It is very hard.

Why does efflorescence grow on shower floor?

Most contractors don’t install shower correctly. That’s what allows water to dwell underneath the tile, feeding the minerals in the concrete mud bed. Through the weep holes, the minerals take place in your shower drain. Now, it grows over your tile and grout.

Will your tactic overcome the efflorescence issue?

Yes. We only apply the most powerful cleaners and sealers from pFOkUS®, which will not break down overtime. We use Sentura around the perimeter to seal the corners, and cover the grout lines with Caponi®, waterproofing the shower.

I contacted two other companies, but they were not ready to guarantee their process, why?

Good question. Most contractors use the simple and less expensive products from big box stores. We learned over 10 years ago that cheap cleaners and sealers don’t work. We have an exclusive agreement with pFOkUS® and we have the right to use their products to perform the shower efflorescence removal service in San Diego.

Why is my shower drain covered with efflorescence?

Most homeowners want to unclog their shower drains and overcome the efflorescence issue. This burden is caused from the efflorescence, taking place via the drain weep holes beneath the tile. We will rectify this issue.

What if my cultured marble is peeling, because I had it restored?

The best answer we could provide is to post reviews for others, not to be fooled by companies providing this service. There is no process we can perform for this issue because the entire pan has to be stripped.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®?

We are the only company to offer the shower efflorescence removal service in San Diego, from the root. We also warranty that the efflorescence will not take place again on your shower floor.

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