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The caulking curse.

All caulks, such as acrylic, silicone and many more are very popular since they are available at the cheapest price and are easy to work with. Most contractors perform a shower recaulking service in San Diego, causing mold and stains. Caulk peels and wears off the floor and walls in just six months, allowing mold to lurk in the corners. It will also lose its bond when chemicals are applied.

Eliminating Caulk

Shower recaulking. Mold.

Applying the new caulk instead of the old one, which caused peeling and mold issues, is called recaulking. It’s just a temporary fix with an unpleasant look. We replace the caulk with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin. It is available in over 40 colors suiting your project’s needs. The best part is – Sentura is chemical resistant and will never peel.
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Re-caulking Causes Mold

Shower protection with
thin and durable lines.

Sentura replaces caulk in all the corners with its thin and durable lines. It can be pigmented in over 40 colors making the corners look natural. Sentura never peels, shrinks, dries out, softens or stains.
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Replacing Caulk with Sentura

Sentura. An experience,
you wanted to experience.

Once we fill the corners with Sentura, you will be astonished at a glance. The first thing that will come to your mind is, how thin and natural the Sentura is. It’s a two part pigmented flexible solvent sealant formulated with a 1200psi adhesion. It resembles grout and we can also make it look like caulk. We pigment the Sentura according to the color of Caponi® blending in with your tile or grout.
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Sentura – Replacing Caulk
Mold Ruins the Shower | D'Sapone

Re-caulking causes mold.

Re-caulking is placing a temporary band-aid on the situation as it causes the same mold and mildew issues within months. Mold occurs in wet settings and destroys the entire shower’s look. We spray a powerful cleaner from pFOkUS® eliminating mold and mildew at the root. However, most contractors use steam machines, removing mold only on the surface.
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Sentura with more than
40 different colors.

We do not perform the shower recaulking service in San Diego. Instead, our artists will color match the Sentura to your tile or grout color, making the shower look beautiful. Slate shower restoration>

Sentura Replaces Caulk

Shower recaulking service in San Diego.
A temporary fix.

We do not perform the shower recaulking service in San Diego. We fill the shower corners with Sentura, which will never peel or wear of the floor and walls. Just send us the pictures of your shower corners and get your free estimate today.
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Caulk Elimination | D'Sapone

Questions about caulking?
Here are our answers.

How does Sentura differ from caulk?

Sentura will never peel and is chemical resistant.

D'Sapone® never re-caulks, why?

Over 12 years ago, we applied acrylic caulk, urethane caulk and silicone caulk. In result, we got call backs in only 6 months. Therefore, we do not perform a shower recaulking service in San Diego.

Why does the shower caulk mold so fast?

Showers are the most sensitive environment in a home with all the moisture. The products based on caulk are not designed for that environment. Sentura is specially formulated for these harsh atmospheres.

What does Sentura look like?

Sentura looks like grout.

A contractor said, “he is applying silicone, not caulk”, is it true?

Silicone is also a caulk and mold will take place on it in a shower.
Silicone will peel, when you will scrub it.

Can we scrub Sentura after it is dried?

Yes. Unlike caulk, Sentura will not peel when you will scrub.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we proudly offer a warranty for 5 years.

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