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Caulking in showers – fails.

Handymen, contractors and most homeowners have used  – acrylic, silicone, and latex caulk, which fail within one year. We are experts and we do not perform the shower recaulking service in Atlanta. We use Sentura from the makers of pFOkUS®.  Sentura allows us to offer a 5 year warranty for all of our customers in Atlanta. We will not re-caulk to save time, your money is better off in your pocket rather than spending it on a temporary fix.

Handymen use caulk.
Not detailed artists.

Mold stains and peeling caulk ruin your shower and can be a health risk. Our Artists will place a perfect bead in the joints, in which you can scrub and it will not peel like caulk nor it will stain. We only have to use Sentura at all 90 degree angles, where the caulk is located.
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It’s so rigid and flexible.
It’s so remarkable and clean.

Sentura looks just like sanded and non-sanded grout. We will match the color of Sentura with the grout color in order to give a classy look for your shower. The pigment is mixed all the way through, so it will not wear off.
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The shower caulk
substitute is here.

We have the exclusives rights to Sentura in the Atlanta area. Sentura has been approved by almost all hotels chains and government restorations. The first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly thin we will make your joints. Then, color matching creates an astonishing look, when we finish. Because of Sentura, we do not perform the shower recaulking service in Atlanta.
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Mold in shower caulk.

Spraying your shower with bleach does not kill the mold, this method only bleaches it. With our process, mold can not stain the Sentura nor it can penetrate the product, making the shower corners waterproof.  Although Sentura is not damaged by harsh chemicals, we strongly recommend using Valore.
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We can color match
the grout as well as the stone.

Not only does matching color of the Sentura to the tile, grout, or stone add class – it makes the joint merely disappear. We do not Re-caulk showers in Atlanta. Slate shower restoration>

Sentura Replaces Caulk

Shower recaulking service in Atlanta.
A band-aid solution.

Call us or fill our estimate form and get an estimate within 24 hours. Pick and choose the services you want with no pressure selling feature. We do not pressure, our aim is to just provide excellent service and let you decide.
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Questions about caulking?
Here are our answers.

How does Sentura differ from caulk?

Sentura will never peel and is chemical resistant.

D'Sapone® never re-caulks, why?

Over 12 years ago, we applied acrylic caulk, urethane caulk and silicone caulk. In result, we got call backs in only 6 months. Therefore, we do not perform the shower recaulking service in Atlanta.

Why does the shower caulk mold so fast?

Showers are the most sensitive environment in a home with all the moisture. The products based on caulk are not designed for that environment. Sentura is specially formulated for these harsh atmospheres.

What does Sentura look like?

Sentura looks like grout.

A contractor said, “he is applying silicone, not caulk”, is it true?

Silicone is also a caulk and mold will take place on it in a shower.
Silicone will peel, when you will scrub it.

Can we scrub Sentura after it is dried?

Yes. Unlike caulk, Sentura will not peel when you will scrub. Therefore, we do not
perform the shower recaulking service in Atlanta

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we proudly offer a warranty for 5 years.


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