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Shower grout sealing with titanium.

Imagine, your tiled shower will never need to be re-grouted or scrubbed again. It is possible with a 5 year labor warranty.

Shower grout color sealing

Tile contractors use cheaper products.

Tile contractors will tell you not to scrub their sealer, use harsh chemicals or go as far as they need to maintain your shower.  DO NOT BE FOOLED – These companies are giving color seal a bad name because they are using cheap water-based sealers that are very easy to apply. These sealers fail in showers peeling off the grout on the shower floor and you can scrub them off the grout lines. Another method would to use epoxy grout. Epoxy grouts are made of water as well and the manufacturers warranty them for a “limited one year.” We offer a 5 warranty for the color seal we use, which includes labor and materials from pFOkUS®. Yes, we prefer only this brand for the products to keep our standard always up. Caponi® grout sealer>

Caponi – Shower Approved Grout Sealer

Atlanta tile experts to the highest standards.

Our artists create an astonishing restoration that our customers come to love. From the way the grout lines in the showers are brought to life with their very durable and protective finish, is quite impressive. we pushed every aspect of perfection and did not leave a single detail out.  The end result with Caponi® titanium based sealer unmistakable goes beyond a restoration, it is an experience.
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Shower Restoration with Caponi tile, grout, stone professionals D'Sapone

Re-grouting is a thing of the past.

We do not re-grout showers.  Re-grouting is a process that needs to be performed over and over again. Our goal is to perform one restoration in the right way and eliminate the need to keep re-grouting.  Grout is porous and will stain in a short order, once it starts to retain the moisture in the shower. Our artists will take their time and achieve a durable master piece, making your shower look new again and stay looking new. Our artists are experts in performing the shower grout sealing service in Atlanta.

Restoring Grout without Re-grouting
Eliminating Mold in Showers

Grout, mold & humidity.

Atlanta has high humidity and mold grows in 50% humidity and higher.  Grout retains moisture, we can control this issue by waterproofing the grout and corners with our ‘Healthy Shower’ system. We use natural chemicals as in hydrogen peroxide to kill the mold, which penetrates deep into the cracks and corners.
Cleaning mold in shower

Shower grout sealing service in Atlanta.

Receive an estimate today to clean, repair and color seal your entire shower. Your estimate is assigned to one of our Atlanta shower grout sealing Artists, who will create a very detailed estimate for you. Just simply email us pictures and our server will calculate the rest.  We already know the solutions to your problems.
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‘Healthy Shower’ Estimate

Questions about color sealing?
Here are our answers.

What if my shower is peeling, because a contractor had restored it?

Yes. Your contractor had sealed your floor with a water based sealer that doesn’t last more than 6 months. Using cheap product is not our style. While performing the shower grout sealing service in Atlanta, we seal the grout only with Caponi®, a 2 part pigmented grout sealer. It waterproofs all the grout lines and resists harsh chemicals.

Why does D'Sapone® not seal porcelain tile?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles should not be sealed because the seal will peel within months.

How does ceramic tile differ from travertine?

Ceramic tile is made by man and is produced easily as compared to travertine stone. However, travertine is a natural stone and expensive than ceramic tile.

Do you seal the tile with Caponi®?

No. Caponi® is specially designed to seal the grout.

Why is Caponi® better than water based sealer?

Caponi® is built from titanium and soaks deep beneath the grout lines to prevent future staining for a long time. However, water based sealer peels within 6 months.

What cleaner do you use to clean the floor?

Before performing the shower grout sealing service in Atlanta, we clean the floor with Imperia, which goes beneath the surface to remove all the stains and molds from the root.

Why D'Sapone®?

We perform the shower grout sealing service in Atlanta with our exclusive and high quality sealer from pFOkUS® with a 5 year warranty.

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