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Granite cleaning the right way.

Every piece of granite carries with it, the history of a significant place on our planet. It is often presumed that granite is a ‘stain-proof’ stone. But, all granite is porous up to a certain degree and it soaks in moisture, prompting bacteria growth. Our artists clean, sanitize and remove debris from granite.

Cleaning Granite Stone

Granite cleaning & sealing.

When we bring natural stone home, we are in fact acquiring art made by nature: art that developed over hundreds and millions of years. Cleaning, sealing and preserving the beauty of the stone is just second nature to us.

Sealing granite countertops after cleaning.

Repela-Bond, an eco-friendly stone care product is known to be the best granite sealer. It delivers unmatched stain resistance for granite surfaces that demand ultimate protection. Natural stone sealing>

A Sealed Granite Countertop

After cleaning granite,
we can polish the stone

D'Sapone® has certified artists in buffing and polishing granite. We re-deliver the shine that once beautified the stone. On looking deeply into a beautiful piece of granite, you will be mesmerized. Polishing marble countertops>

Protecting your granite long
after the restoration.

When we seal the stone, it will be protected from daily spills and dirt. But, using acidic and alkaline cleaners can damage the stone while degrading the sealer. Valore kit- a cleaner/ sealer combo helps you in maintaining your granite. Maintaining granite>

A maintenance Product – Valore

Call your D’Sapone artists.
Granite cleaning estimate.

Granite cleaning is an art. To restore your granite stone call our D’Sapone artist or send pictures via our website and schedule a free estimate. Granite cleaning estimate>
Call (808) 518-4545>

Granite Cleaning Estimate


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