Natural Stone Shower | Shower Restoration in Tulsa, OK

Innovative sealing meets
stone showers.

For every home, showers are a crucial zone as they are bombarded with 414 times more water annually as compared to the roof of the house. Therefore, the specially engineered grand pFOkUS® innovations and new formulas have re-built sealers for showers. We deliver stone sealing services with 3 years of genuine warranty in showers.

Natural Stone Sealing
Sealing Travertine Showers

Travertine stone shower. Sealing re-imagined.

The cleaners and sealers purchased at big box stores cannot completely stop mold growth. But, Celine- a power packed high quality sealer efficiently waterproofs the travertine and grout with an invisible finish. This solvent based sealer, thoroughly penetrates into the travertine and grout. Get an estimate>
Sealing travertine>

Showers with slate.
Much beyond sealing.

D'Sapone®’s ultimate goal was to create a revitalizing shower experience. Therefore, we had to think beyond sealing and consider waterproofing the surface. Celine- a high performance sealer works magic with its single application and makes the surface dazzle with a brilliant sheen. Get an estimate>
Sealing slate>

Sealing Slate Showers

Sense the timeless beauty of marble.

Sealing Marble Showers

Marble is available in a plethora of colors and designs. This makes it a highly preferred stone in showers. But, marble is a porous in nature and absorbs moisture, allowing the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, we coat it with an advanced, high performance and lasting sealer to endure its beauty. Get an estimate>
Sealing marble>

Stone Shower Restoration Estimate

Stone Shower Restoration Estimate
E-mail us pictures of your stone.

We restore damaged stone showers in Honolulu. We assign each estimate to an artist who will fulfill the task. Simply email us pictures and our server will calculate the rest. Get your estimate today>
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Questions about sealing stone showers?
Here are our answers.

Which sealer do you use for natural stone?

We use Celine, which is formulated with resin to protect the stone for a long time. It also has a slight sheen.

I have to seal my stone, but I don’t want to change its appearance. Is there any way?

Yes. We will apply Repela-Bond – a clear solvent natural look sealant.

Why water based sealers should not be used?

Water based sealers cannot hold up in the shower environment and will peel within months. These types of sealers will always fail, no matter what your contractor is saying.

Can you seal my grout with your stone sealer?

Of course, but we use Caponi® to seal the grout as it is available in more than 40 colors, which are enough to be matched with your grout color.

Do your sealers have any smell?

Yes. The engineer fragrances the smell with cherry or lavender.

When can I use my shower after it has been sealed?

After 24 hours.

Are pFOkUS® sealants used by other contractors?

Yes, but only we have exclusive deal with pFOkUS® to use their products in the areas we service.

Why D'Sapone®?

We deliver transcendent restoration service with our high quality products from pFOkUS®.


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