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Cleaning grout at a fresh level.

No matter how dirty your grout is, we can bring it back to that fresh new look you strive for. Our incredible grout cleaning service in Nassau not just cleans grout, it also preps and sanitizes it while lifting all the stains and mold. Once we perform grout cleaning, you will know you have a clean and sanitized surface.

Grout cleaning. Band-aid solution.

Sanded or non-sanded grout is a cement based substance. Once it has been cleaned, it will stain again within months if not sealed. Cleaning can just remove the stains and mold, but it cannot prevent them from taking place. It must be sealed to keep the look of the floor, shower or countertop.
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Sealing grout with Caponi®,
after cleaning it.

Our artists not just perform grout cleaning service in Nassau, but they also perform grout color sealing with an exclusively designed sealer – Caponi®. It penetrates deep into grout while waterproofing the floor, shower or countertop to prevent future staining issues. Caponi®’s over 40 color options are enough to make the surface look 100% uniform in color.
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Natural stone and grout cleaning.
Marble, slate and travertine.

Natural stone and grout cleaning to the next level has become second nature to us. We apply a high alkaline to the surface cleaning stone and grout at the same time. Natural stone and grout should always be coated with powerful sealers, preventing stains and mold. We seal the grout with a titanium sealer, while we coat stone using natural look sealers.
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Marble grout cleaning>
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Grout cleaning service in Nassau pushed even further
with a quality product.

Imperia is not just a grout cleaner, it’s better in every way. It is manufactured to effectively eliminate the stains, grease, soap scum, mold and mildew from grout. It seeps into the surface to release any soil while never affecting the integrity of grout unlike regular cleaners. It also lifts any sealers while prepping the surface.
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Cleaning tile floors>

Receive your free
grout cleaning estimate.

Grout is porous that needs to be cleaned with a patented deep cleaning process. Our Nassau artists will lift mold, mildew and stains at the root. Send pictures of your stained grout lines and get a free estimate today.
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