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Cleaning marble stone.

Have you ever experienced that beautiful marble floor with a long time warranty? Bring that perfect new look to your stone with our quality marble cleaning process. Our artists perform the best marble cleaning in Nassau by cleaning, prepping and sanitizing the stone while releasing all the mold, mildew, etching and stains. Marble cleaning with acidic cleaners damages the integrity of the surface, but we can restore your floor if this has happened.
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Cleaning marble showers.

Marble demands the ultimate protection in showers, which get extreme wear and tear. Not only does D'Sapone® clean the tile and grout, it also treats the entire surface using exquisite sealers. Our ‘Healthy Shower’ service is backed by a 5 year labor warranty.
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After cleaning, sealing marble.

Marble cleaning can just remove the stains and mold that will further take place if the stone is not sealed. Our incredible marble sealing process makes the floor, shower or countertop waterproof preventing it from staining, etching and retaining liquids.
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After cleaning,
the grout still may have stains.

Grout is a porous material that absorbs moisture at a rapid pace and sometimes, just cleaning the stone doesn’t remove all the grout stains. We coat all the grout lines using Caponi® to lock out the stains for a lifetime. Caponi® is a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer, sealing the grout with 100% uniformity.
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Keeping the look of marble.
Maintenance with care.


Once we clean and seal your marble shower, floor or countertop, you can keep it stain free for a lifetime easily. Meet Valore – a maintenance cleaner, which not just sanitizes the stone, but also adds a coat of sealer to preserve the beauty of the surface.
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Get your free estimate for marble cleaning in Nassau today.

Marble cleaning is an art our Nassau artists came to master. They can make your marble stay and look new for a lifetime. Call us or send pictures and receive your free estimate for marble cleaning in Nassau today.
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