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Pools are very popular as they are the places where friends and family come to spend some quality time together. The dirty or stained tile, grout and stone can make your pool look worse. Our artists can bring back that perfect look, which once glistened across the surface, with their professional services for pool tile repair in Nassau.

Pool Restoration

hard water stains.

Water has calcium and magnesium, staining the entire surface. Compare in the pictures, how perfectly we have removed mineral deposits from the tile around the skimmer. Delivering a gorgeous look to the pool is just second nature to us. Grout Sealing>

Pool Tile Cleaning
Eliminating Mineral Deposits

Pool tile repair in Nassau without replacing cracked tile and grout.

Tile and grout cracking issues just diminish the value of the pool. We offer the best pool tile repair in Nassau using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin.
Repair Cracked Tile>

Repairing Pool Tile and Grout

Stainless rails.

Restored to perfection.

Etched Stainless

Hand rails put a meaningful impact as your guests use them to depart the pool. Compare in the before and after pictures, we have restored the end of the rail making it come to life. Not only do we polish the rail, we also coat it with a clear topical solvent based sealer, preserving its look.

Polished Stainless

Restoring waterfall
pool stone.

Pool Tile Restoration San Diego

The image at the top shows, water travels over the travertine flowing into the pool, causing stains and holes. Notice in the after image, how amazingly our Nassau artists have filled the travertine holes and restored it using exquisite products from pFOkUS®.
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