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Include marble restoration in your lineup.

D'Sapone® has the most passionate artists for marble restoration in Nassau. We initiated with stain free sealers that last over 5 years, then reinvented the polishing process. Our renewed, revived and restored marble glistens with pride. See all of our marble services listed below…

Sanitizing and cleaning marble
with a patented process.

We believe that prepping, cleaning and sealing the stone is key to preserving the stone’s high-end look. Marble, owing to its tremendous porosity, stains easily if it is not maintained correctly. Our artists in Nassau, will breathe life into your dull stone.
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Sealing the stained grout with pigmented titanium.

Just cleaning your marble won’t remove 100% of the stains. Enhance the stone by choosing the exact color for the grout. Caponi® is a 2 part pigmented titanium solvent resin sealer. You can forget about grout staining and discoloration with our 5 year labor warranty.
Marble grout sealer>

Permanently fixing cracked
grout lines.

Our artists fix the cracked grout & color match it by blending the crack with the rest of the grout. We deliver that new floor look to your marble.

Permanently repairing
cracked marble tiles.

Cracks in marble make the stone look ugly. We fill the crack with Sentura – a 2 part flexible epoxy/resin, color match, polish and blend the crack into the stone. Enjoy a new marble surface without replacing the stone.
Repairing cracked marble tile>
Marble countertops>

A natural look sealer
to preserve the beauty.

After cleaning, we seal the stone with Repela-Bond – a clear invisible sealer. Repela-Bond is mandatorily included with all of our “Healthy Shower Systems.”
Marble stone sealing>

Our robust marble stone sealer.

Our robust marble stone sealer.

Celine – a clear resin topical sealant is a long-lasting marble stone sealer. Celine halts staining and adds a refined look to marble by bringing out all its colors. Oil based sealer keeps your stone immaculate. Top tile (image) is sealed and the bottom is not.
Topical clear sealing marble>

The future of marble
polishing is here.

The biggest issue with marble stone polishing, once the perfect shine is present, any acid etches the marble. D’Sapone reinvented the way marble stone is polished, we started with the protection of the stone first, then we created the process from the inside out.
Marble stone polishing>

A durable marble shower restoration
process just for you.

A durable marble shower restoration in Nassau, just for you.

It’s hard to know exactly what services you require to make your marble shower look new again with low maintenance. Our artists understand your needs and we put together a “Healthy Shower” process for you. Our services for marble restoration in Nassau, eliminate all your caulk, seal all the grout and warranty our services for 5 years. D'Sapone® is the only company with these technologies and sealers to make this marble restoration possible.
Marble shower restoration>

Our artists for marble restoration in Nassau are
here for you.

Every estimate is assigned to a stone artist in Nassau, who will assist you with any questions or concerns. Just simply fill out our estimate form for marble restoration in Nassau and we will take care of the rest.
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