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Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones, but it will lose its charm if not coated with quality sealers. You strive for that durable marble floor, shower or countertop with low maintenance and we achieve this with our natural look sealers. It would not be achievable using big box stores’ products. We have exquisitely designed sealers from pFOkUS® that will not just seal your stone, they will make everything better. Our processes for marble sealing in Nassau have been listed below…
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Marble Stone Restoration

Marble stone.
Repela-Bond sealing.

The moment we seal your marble surface using Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, you will have a stain free stone floor, shower or countertop for years. Its single coat application lets marble take on more spills than ever before. Repela-Bond not just seals marble, it delivers the stone that bold hydrophobic appearance.
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Marble Stone Sealing

An invisible clear resin sealer.

Repela-Bond is a natural look penetrating sealer, which has been designed with individual molecules. Other sealers create a film over the surface and peels within months, while Repela-Bond will not layer and will protect the stone for a lifetime.
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A Natural Look Sealer

The penetrating sealers designed by pFOkUS® create repellency preventing marble from staining. (Replicated diagram)
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Regular sealers create a layer over the surface and allow liquids to soak in. (Replicated diagram)

Repela-Bond Sealer

Marble protection.
A clear topical sealant.

Marble protection. A clear topical sealant.

Meet Celine – the world’s most powerful natural stone sealer, which will not peel within one year. It soaks deep into marble while creating a perfect lush protection to prevent moisture or liquids, such as water, red wine or coffee, from staining the surface.
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A natural look sealer. Making marble waterproof.

Celine not just seals marble, it makes the stone look more beautiful with a refined elegance. Celine closes all the pores to prevent marble from retaining moisture, causing stains and the birth of mold.
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Get your free estimate for marble sealing in Nassau today.

Marble sealing is an art our Nassau artists came to master. They can make your marble stay and look new for a lifetime. Call us or send pictures and receive your free estimate for marble sealing in Nassau today.
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