Pool Restoration Service at an Epic Scale

Pool is the most alluring place, where people come to engage themselves around the water and capture certain enjoyable moments through photography. So, it’s equally important to pay attention to each detail and make sure that your pool is protected correctly. Getting appreciations from your guests for its incredible look is better than getting complaints for imperfection. D'Sapone® is here to deliver an astonishing appearance to your tile, stone, grout and stainless rails with its patented pool restoration service.


Problem with Pool:

Why are my Pool Tile, Stone, Grout and Stainless Stained, Despite having them Just Restored?

Your contractor has applied cheap water based sealers available at the big box stores, which is not suitable for wet settings. If the stone, grout and stainless are not sealed with quality sealers, they will peel and wear off within months.

What is the Solution?

We use high class cleaners and sealers manufactured from pFOkUS® that allow us to offer a 5 year warranty for our customers. We have described below our incredible approach to pool restoration.

Eliminating Mineral Deposits from Pool Tile and Stone with Benaz:

This cleaner is specially designed to eliminate hard water stains and etching from the tile, stone, grout and stainless.

Polishing Stainless with Benaz:

We polish the stainless with Benaz, removing all the hard water dots and etching bringing back that new stainless look.

Removing Efflorescence with Zido:

If there is an efflorescence issue, we use a chemical called Zido. It kills and removes all efflorescence available over the surface and then it penetrates deep to attack salts, causing this issue. To learn more about our efflorescence removal service, visit https://dsapone.com/shower/efflorescence/.

Sealing All the Grout Lines with Caponi®:

We cover all the grout lines with Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin. It is available in more than 40 different colors. Caponi® soaks deep into the grout and waterproofs it to halt the occurrence of stains and mold.

Sealing Natural Stone and Stainless Rails with Celine:

A natural look oil based sealer, Celine seals the natural stone and stainless rails with a slight sheen. It soaks deep into the stone tiles to dry them and to prevent future staining. Celine can also seal the grout.

Repairing Cracked Tile& Grout and Filling Travertine’s Holes with Sentura:

We repair the cracked grout & tile if you don’t have any extra tile. We fill the cracks and travertine holes with Sentura – a flexible epoxy/resin filler. Formulated to bond cracks with its powerful 1200psi adhesives, Sentura will never pop out. The best part is, it comes in over 40 colors that are undoubtedly enough to suit your needs.

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