What is the Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning?

What is the Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning?

SEO D'Sapone, July 9, 2021

If you want to know the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning in short, then deep cleaning is what you can expect from professionals and regular cleaning is what you do everyday to maintain your surfaces. You might wonder what is the difference between the two types of cleaning. Well, professionals thoroughly sanitize your surfaces, while you just manage to remove the superfluous dirt and stains. Let us read in depth the difference between deep clean and regular clean.

What is Deep Cleaning?

Floor Restoration service with imperia deep clean - D'Sapone

Experts use powerful and robust products that are meant specifically for that surface to deep clean it. Such products enter the pores of porous surfaces and remove all the stains, mold and mildew and dirt from the root, without damaging the integrity of the surface. Experts have a proper knowledge and know-how about using the right product for every kind of surface. When you hire them for a deep-cleaning process, they get their premium-quality products to thoroughly sanitize a surface from the root.

Deep floor cleaning is done using penetrative cleaners with a deep-soaking action that enter the pores of porous tile and grout and remove all the stains, mold and mildew at the root level. Every area or surface in a house requires either deep clean or regular clean. You can perform regular-cleaning on your bedroom floor, as it might not be susceptible to deep-rooted stains, but you need to perform deep cleaning on your shower floor. Shower floors have to be cleaned for several problems like mold and mildew, soap scum hard water stains and even efflorescence removal. All these cannot be done with regular cleaning.

What is Regular Cleaning?

Regular cleaning is done when you just need to dust a surface or remove the superfluous stains and mold settled on the top surface. Such a surface is mostly sealed and you only need to regularly clean it to remove the top surface stains.

Regular cleaning is done everyday or weekly once or twice in most households to remove the top dust layer and to get the sparkle back on all the surfaces. It also helps to keep the dust mites and dirt away. It can be done with light daily maintenance cleaners and can be done yourself without putting in too much time or effort.

What is the Difference Between the Two?

Regular Cleaning Deep Cleaning
This can be done easily without putting in too much time and effort. You need to put in a lot of time and effort to do this in the right way. It is mostly done by hiring professionals.
Anyone can do regular cleaning at residential or commercial complexes. It is better to hire professionals to do this procedure if you want the best results.
You do not need any specific equipment to do this. Just a good maintenance cleaner is enough. Most deep cleaning procedures require special equipment and premium-quality deep cleaners to get the best results.
You don’t need any expertise or experience in performing a regular cleaning procedure. Professionals have proper training before they are ready to handle such deep cleaning procedures.
This has to be done regularly at least once a week or daily to maintain the sheen and sparkle of your surfaces. This has to be done less frequently. Once a year is enough if the surfaces like tile, grout and glass are deep-cleaned and then sealed to prevent re-staining.

Describe the Procedure for a Thorough Deep Cleaning Procedure:

Professionals perform deep cleaning in a step-by-step way. They use high-quality products and suitable equipment to carry out the tasks. Here is a step-by-step explanation of deep cleaning tile, grout or glass surfaces.

Deep cleaning with pfokus products - D'Sapone

Cleaning Tile , Grout and Glass Surfaces Using Robust Cleaners:

Highly trained artists perform a patented deep cleaning process with exquisite penetrating cleaners to remove all hidden traces of mold, mildew and dense stains from the root. Not only do they clean the tile, glass surfaces and grout, they also prep and sanitize the surface while eliminating the existing sealers without causing damage to the surface. Deep Cleaning also includes efflorescence removal from shower or pool tile which is done properly without scratching the tile or grout.

Grout and Tile Repair Using Powerful Adhesives:

Grout and Tile Repair service -D'sapone

If the tile and grout are cracked, high-quality restoration service providers don’t believe in replacing them as it will just ruin the look of the surface while causing further issues. They generally have their own patented tile and grout repair process that are performed using flexible pigmented solvent adhesives which never pop off. When you try and perform a professional deep cleaning procedure yourself, you will be unable to deliver such quality results to cracked tile and grout.

Grout Sealing Using Waterproof Sealers:Grout Sealing seervice -d'sapone

Grout plays an important role on the surface and it combines the tiles. Grout is very porous and if the right care is not taken, it will make the entire flooring look worse no matter how clean the tile is. Many contractors perform grout sealing with water-based sealers, peeling within months while damaging the integrity of the grout. But, good restoration service providers perform a detailed grout sealing process before sealing the tile, to ensure complete dryness and hygiene of your flooring.

Natural Stone and Glass Sealing Using Powerful Sealers:

If you have installed natural stone tile in your showers, floors and countertops, then it must be sealed as it is easily accessible to stains and mold. If the right natural stone sealing process is not performed, it will just look mediocre in months. Glass surfaces, too, get stained frequently when not sealed after cleaning. When you hire a deep cleaning expert, they will offer to create a hydrophobic surface on your tile, grout or glass to prevent water or moisture from giving birth to mold on the tile.

This is a deep cleaning explained in detail. When you hire a deep cleaning expert, inquire about their procedure to know exactly what to expect from their services.

After the above-explained deep cleaning procedure, you can perform a regular cleaning procedure yourself using good-quality maintenance products. D'Sapone® – one of the leading stone, tile, glass and grout restoration service providers in the US has highly trained artists who perform a detailed deep cleaning procedure. We also offer repairing and sealing services for your surfaces. pFOkUS® – one of the leading restoration products manufacturers makes a wide range of deep cleaners, sealers and repair products. D'Sapone® uses pFOkUS® products for our deep clean and regular clean procedures.


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