A Complete Hard Surfaces Restoration Checklist for Thanksgiving Hosts

Hosting a Thanksgiving this Year? We’ve Got you a Complete Hard Surfaces Restoration Checklist.

SEO D'Sapone, November 11, 2019

Everyone loves to decorate and maintain their homes and buildings. It is your haven on this earth and you always take pains to keep each and every corner of your house clean and sparkling. While you may do it to feel good about your living spaces, you also do it so that you can cast a good impression on your guests. After all, who is not embarrassed to have guests over at a dirty home? So, now that Thanksgiving is approaching, you must be busy preparing your menus and stocking your kitchens for the upcoming feast. But since you are hosting a Thanksgiving treat for friends and family, you should also ensure that your hard surfaces restoration is not overlooked.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

These restorations include repairing chips and cracks in tile and grout, knocking away mold and dense stains and restoring the shine on your floorings and countertops. A neat and tidy home can garner you accolades of praises from your guests over your house maintenance skills. We have got you sorted by presenting an easy peasy hard surfaces restoration checklist. Our list will help you go surface by surface, so that you do not leave behind any area of your house that has to be cleaned and restored.


The checklist for shower is huge. Revamp your showers by tackling these below-mentioned problems:

    • Eliminate Stains on the Flooring and Corners:

      You need to eliminate all traces of germs, mold and stains from your natural stone floorings, walls and grout. Use deep penetrating cleaners to remove all signs of mold and stains from your porous tile and grout, without harming the surface.

    • Replace Caulk and Repair Cracks on Tile and Grout:

      Next, check for cracks, chips and holes in your grout and tile. Instead of caulking your shower corners again this year, buy strong resin adhesive to fill in the gaps and seal your corners permanently.

    • Seal the Grout:

      Just cleaning the grout does not ensure that stains will not form again. You need to make them waterproof to prevent further staining. Your hard surfaces restoration should also include sealing your grout, if you want them to remain clean and intact for long. You can use colored grout sealers, if you also want to match the shade of your grout to the tile.

    • Remove Stains from Glass Surfaces:

      Do not forget to clean your shower doors! Use good quality glass cleaners to remove hard water stains, etching and soap scum from your glass doors.

      Shower Tile and Grout Cleaning

    • Seal Glass Surfaces After Cleaning:

      Remember, only cleaning will not guarantee that stains would not form again. You need to seal the glass after cleaning a high-quality glass sealer that makes the surface waterproof layer and prevents further staining.

    • Check for Leakages on Glass Enclosures:

      While restoring your showers, do not ignore the leakage in your shower doors. Repair them by using seals, sweeps, thresholds or drip rails as required. Seals and sweeps from pFOkUS® easily latch on to the glass door and do not need any tools for fixing. These easily prevent the cascading water leaking away and usher it gently towards the drain instead of leaking out. They have a huge range of framed and frameless seals and sweeps in a variety of sizes and finishes.


Similar procedures should be followed for hard surfaces restoration in your kitchen too. After you have cleaned your kitchen tile and grout similarly, you need to tackle your countertop.

  • Countertops Restoration:

    Countertops face a lot of oil spills, acidic spills from fruits and beverages and other such stains. It also gets scratched often due to cutting and chopping of vegetables. So, while restoring your countertops, you need to first clean the natural stone tile and grout using natural stone approved cleaners and then sealing the grout and tile just like you did for your shower flooring. This prevents your surface from staining and grime accumulation and restores it just like new.

    Granite Countertop Restoration

Once you have deep-cleaned and sealed your shower and kitchen’s hard surfaces, you can follow similar procedures for your living room and bedroom flooring and all other glass surfaces in your home. So now that you have a checklist about how to start and proceed with your hard surfaces restoration, you will feel half of your burden lessen. While you go shopping for restoration products, consider buying pFOkUS® home improvement products. They are currently offering up to 15% discounts on their products for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

If you find the procedures too overwhelming and if you feel that you do not have the time to do-it-yourself, you can hire services from experts. D'Sapone® – one of the leading hard surface restoration service providers offers the best services in the US. You can book an appointment now before Thanksgiving and have our experts revive and rejuvenate your homes and buildings before the festive season.


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