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Experience a Cultured Marble Shower with No Mold and No Caulk

D'Sapone Admin, August 30, 2016


Calcium and magnesium available in water create hard water dots that mix with soap scum and stain the entire cultured marble shower like the image. The shower is installed with a sheetrock backer board not a cement base, causing cracked grout. The grout joints at the back wall bottom row have been caulked to stop the grout from cracking, which are nothing short of a burden. The grout lines are sealed with a water based sealer since it is cheap and easy to apply. But, it is not suitable for the shower environment, as these sealers peel and wear off the surface in just 6 months.cultured marble shower restoration beforeCultured marble and grout are very porous like sand at the beach, absorbing moisture that gives birth to mold. They should be sealed with the correct sealers, preventing the occurrence of stains and mold.


Notice in the image, how D'Sapone® has renovated the entire shower.  We have applied Benaz cleaner to the cultured marble and grout eliminating all the hard water stains, soap scum and mold. Repairing the cracked grout with caulk is not our style, as it is just a temporary cure and causes the same burden again within months. We have replaced the caulk, filled the grout joints at the back wall bottom row, with Sentura – a 2 part pigmented solvent epoxy/resin.

It comes in over 40 colors, which are enough to suit your needs. Formulated at a 1200psi adhesion, Sentura will never peel off the grout nor pop out. Cultured marble tile cleaning process only removes the stains and mold, which will further take place, if the surface is not sealed with quality sealers. We color seal the grout with Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin, penetrating deep into the surface and locks out all the stains.

cultured marble shower restoration afterHowever, we apply Celine to the cultured marble that soaks deep into the stone while adding a slight sheen. D'Sapone® carries a 5 year labor warranty on its cultured marble shower restoration service, if maintained with Valore – a maintenance cleaner.


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