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A Breakthrough Shower Restoration Pushed Even Further

D'Sapone Admin, April 20, 2017

D'Sapone® has introduced the most sophisticated stone, tile and grout shower restoration. We have won multiple awards and achieving ‘5 stars’, simply runs in our DNA.

With over 12 years’ experience in the restoration industry, our business model was designed to the very last detail and then some. Consisting of the passionate artist backed with technology and the finest products – drives our passion.

Healthy Shower Restoration

It’s a Breath of Fresh Air with Our ‘Healthy Shower’ Restoration Process:

Imagine a tile and grout shower that never needs to be scrubbed again. With a 5 year labor warranty, your ‘Healthy Shower’ will not just keep the look of an immaculate shower, it will also keep a healthy shower free from mold and mildew growing in the grout and caulk. With many more traits of success below:


Keep a mold and mildew free shower by simply spraying your shower once every three weeks with Valore – a revolutionary cleaner.


D'Sapone® restores shower tile and grout to that brand new look with exquisite cleaners and sealers. According to a 10-year reporting period, we have less than 3% callbacks occur. We only use quality products from pFOkUS® – a top notch manufacturer.


D'Sapone® is the only company to eliminate the caulking process. We remove the caulk in shower areas as it peels within months. Fusing Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, in all the corners makes everything better. We seal the grout with Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin sealer. Both of these shower approved products work with each other and make the surface waterproof.


The innovation begins within D'Sapone®. The artist and services inspire people to restore more. Browse through our sleek and clean website of artwork and videos and indulge yourself with knowledge.

The Most Powerful Estimation Software in the Restoration Industry:

We take the disorganization out of the restoration industry with our state of the art software. Fully automated estimates and its unique design and flow give the customer an experience – that they never experienced. Speaking with your artist and seeing his picture on the estimate, simply as a personal touch.

It’s What Separates the D'Sapone® Franchise from The Status Quo:

Creating passionate artists, who will complete the restorations, takes equally stunning features of technological classroom education and superior hands on training. We meticulously designed several training programs including – restorations, product awareness and customer service.

Enjoy a mold and stain free tile and grout shower you always wished for with our quality restoration processes.


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