Travertine Restoration Meets Perfection

Travertine is a popular natural stone, extensively used due to its enchanting brilliance and appeal. It adds beauty to the entire space of its installation with its mesmerizing sheen and elegance. In order to keep up the look of your travertine, it is important to eliminate all the stains, mold and etching. This can be possible if your stone is cleaned and sealed with the help of a professional travertine restoration service. Without which, your stone’s appearance will be below average and ordinary. D’Sapone – the best travertine restoration company offers astounding services with 5 years of labor warranty.

Below, we will describe our detailed travertine stone restoration service…

Cleaning and Prepping Stone Surface:

It is essential to clean and sterilize travertine stone in order to eliminate the stains, making the surface look untidy. D’Sapone artists, offering the best travertine restoration service, use Imperia – a penetrating alkaline stone cleaner. It removes stubborn stains and pre-existing sealers without damaging your stone’s magnificence.

Repairing Travertine Holes with Sentura:

Most restoration firms use stone fillers that poorly fill travertine holes. But, D'Sapone® artists use Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin. It is color coordinated with the travertine surface. Sentura does not sag or come off from the stone hole, owing to its 1200psi adhesion, making the edges of the hole smooth and uniform.

Replacing Caulk with Sentura:

Caulk fails to satisfy its usefulness in wet settings like showers. It loses its bonding power and peels off in a short timeframe, enabling mold and mildew to develop in the corners. D’Sapone artists providing the travertine shower cleaning service, replace the caulk with Sentura, waterproofing the corners with its smooth and durable lines. Sentura is color matched with the travertine shower surface to offer a uniform and one-of-a-kind look.

Protecting Travertine Grout with Caponi®:

Grout stains are difficult to eliminate, because of its narrow and tight lines. After travertine is cleaned, our artists lock out all the stains using a patented grout sealing product – Caponi®, manufactured by pFOkUS®. Caponi® is a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin, soaking deep into the grout and seals its pores to prevent it from absorbing oil, liquids or other contaminants. It can be pigmented in more than 40 different colors. This proves that our quality grout color sealing service will surely suit each venture’s needs.

Sealing Travertine Using Quality Sealers:

It is mandatory to clean travertine and also protect it from future staining. Therefore, it should be sealed after the cleaning process. Our artists preserve the beauty of the stone with Repala-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, and Celine – a natural look solvent based sealer. Not only do these products seal travertine, they also waterproof the surface. Repela-Bond seals the stone, but Celine makes the surface dazzle with a slight sheen while sealing the stone.
Please do not compromise with the look of your stone as it ruins the beauty of your home. D'Sapone® is a respectable travertine restoration company that will reform your dull stone into a beauty. To get a free estimate for the travertine restoration service, visit @

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