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Eliminating Caulking Issues in Hotel Showers

SEO D'Sapone, August 10, 2018

The presence of stained shower corners in many hotels has made them score badly during inspections. Application of caulk is a temporary fix as it quickly stains and peels within 6 months of its application. Poor caulking issues had become a menace until D'Sapone® introduced the best caulk removal service using Sentura- a solvent based pigmented titanium epoxy/resin, which is available in about 40 different colors.

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Issues faced with caulking:

  • Caulks, like acrylic and silicone are widely opted by status quo contractors as they are easy to use and also extremely cheap. But, they have serious performance issues. Besides the claims by contractors that caulk is mold resistant, it starts to stain due to fungal growth and becomes black within 5 months of application in showers.
  • Caulking lines are bulky and therefore, they certainly ruin the aesthetics of the shower. It has a tendency to re-emulsify, soften, then peel and wash off in wet settings. Whereas, in dry settings, it dries and cracks, in a short period of time.
  • While being exposed to chemical cleaners and scrubbing, caulk loses its adhesion and wears off. This allows moisture to settle in the corners, leading to mold growth. Showers are a favorite sight for mold to grow, because it is damp and dark.

Mold growth cannot be quickly spotted with the naked eye. It slowly tip toes into the shower and crawls through the surface. By the time it becomes visible to the naked eye, mold spreads throughout the shower. D’Sapone- the best tile and grout restoration company globally, known for its quality services, has the best solution to remove the old caulk from showers. Our artists replace the caulk using a high-quality product, instead of caulking or re-caulking.


Substituting caulk with a flexible solvent based resin:

  • Caulking is not a permanent solution; rather it is a band-aid fix, which fizzles out in no time. D'Sapone® artists refrain from performing caulking. Instead, we will remove caulk from all the corners and apply Sentura which has a 1200psi adhesion.
  • Sentura is a shower approved product, therefore it will never peel or wear off from the shower joints. It provides a hydrophobic experience to the surface and does not allow the corners to retain moisture, mold or stains.
  • Sentura, dissimilar to caulk, enhances the shower’s appearance with its sleek and beautiful lines and is the best caulk replacement for product showers.


Our artists not only eliminate the caulk, but also offer a full-fledged shower restoration service in case your tile and grout are dirty and discolored due to all the mold and stains. A short brief of our quality restoration process is listed below.

Initially, we clean the entire surface with Imperia Deep Clean to eliminate the mold, mildew and stains. Further, we seal the grout with Caponi®- a pigmented titanium epoxy/resin grout sealer. We do not conclude the restoration with this step. We make sure to seal the surface with Celine- a natural look invisible sealer, which shields the surface from future staining and etching.

In order to avail our services, fill out the form and get a free professional caulk replacement estimate.


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