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SEO D'Sapone, November 2, 2018

Shower recaulking is a temporary fix and it does not serve its functionality to the fullest. It bombs out in just 5 months, paying little regard to the claims by several restoration firms that it is mold and mildew safe. The reason behind why most artists continue utilizing the caulk in showers is that it is inexpensive and simple to work with. The following description will illuminate you on how D’Sapone performs a caulk removal service with brilliance.

The Drawbacks of Caulking in Showers:

• In wet settings, caulk will peel and wear off the surface. It will re-emulsify, lose its bond and wash out of the joints, when exposed to consistent dampness.
• Caulk will lose its bond, when certain chemicals are rubbed over it. In this manner, it empowers dampness to snoop into the corners, causing mold. It impacts your shower to look ghastly and terrible.
• Mold and mildew, in the primary stage can’t be seen with the naked eye and they will develop all through the whole tile and grout quickly. Caulk will pass on your shower an unaesthetic look.

Shower Caulking Atlanta

D’Sapone’s Solution for These Issues:

• We perform the best caulk removal service with a solvent based resin. This is done because caulking is a brief arrangement and you will never play out this shallow undertaking. We will dispose of caulk in each one of the corners and apply Sentura – a pigmented solvent based epoxy/resin, portrayed with a 1200psi holding control.
• It replaces the caulk while waterproofing the surface. It is a tried and true shower approved product that will never peel or wear off the joints. It deflects from the corner, holding dampness, causing mold and stains. We can shade Sentura in more than 40 tones to suit your errand’s needs. In no way like caulk, it renders a staggering look in showers with its smooth and solid lines.

We won’t simply pound out the caulk, we will offer you an undeniable shower restoration service for the tile and grout. A point by point elaboration of our quality restoration process is recorded underneath…

Shower-Caulk-replacementCleaning the Entire Surface Using a Penetrating Cleaner:

Despite how harmed your shower is, we will make it look spotless with our master shower tile cleaning service. Cleaning the tile and grout utilizing low quality cleaners can crush the grandness of the surface. While performing a caulk removal service, we basically apply Imperia – a profound drenching cleaner, lifting stains, mold and mildew from the root without reducing the beauty of the floor or walls.

Shielding Grout Using a Pigmented Titanium Sealer:

Grout perpetually sponges up dampness that conveys the occasion of mold and mildew. Cleaning the grout can expel the stains and mold, but it can’t keep it from staining, which isn’t an issue for us. When we supplant the caulk with Sentura, we will perform grout color sealing with Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer. It splashes into the surface while affecting the grout to waterproof, diverting the event of mold and stains. We will shading match Caponi® to your surface influencing it to look incredible.

Sealing Natural Stone Tile:

Normal stone – marble, slate or travertine, is additionally vulnerable and can lose its charm, if not sealed. After we seal the grout, we will apply Celine – a clear topical solvent resin sealer, making a hydrophobic surface while adding a slight sheen to it. It splashes profound into the stone tile while shutting the pores to stop the absorption of dampness or water.

dsapone healthy showerOur caulk removal service will offer you a disinfected shower with no caulk, no mold and no stains. Call us @ 800.781.7718 and get your free estimate today.


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