This Christmas Season, Get the Best Tile Grout Cleaning Service

This Christmas Season, Protect Your Flooring and Enjoy!

SEO D'Sapone, December 14, 2018

We all look forward to Christmas holidays. They bring along loads of fun, memories, guests and food. With so much to cook, there is bound to be chaos at home. This chaos does have an effect on the appearance of your interiors such as your stone surfaces, your flooring, your countertops and showers. The most unavoidable situation which creates an adverse effect on your home appearance are food and liquid spills. When not catered to immediately, wine spills and vinegar spills can cause etching on your stone surface. These spills also leave stains on your flooring and countertops. With the holidays still a few days away, you can schedule your tile grout cleaning service to make your home look elegant and well-maintained before your guests drop in.

Tile Grout Cleaning

D'Sapone® is the leading stone, grout and glass restoration company in the United States which offers professional cleaning and sealing processes to ensure that your surfaces are safe and free of allergens. Our experts restore your stained surfaces and give them a brand new look. Our patented procedures differentiate us from normal contractors and that is the reason we are the number one company today.

Have a look at our services below:

Knocking off Stains and Mold by Cleaning the Surface:

Our patented tile grout cleaning services not only remove the stains from your flooring and walls, but also prep and sanitize the surface at the root level. We do not use acidic cleaners which remove the stains only from the top surface and also diminish the natural sheen. We use Imperia Deep Clean – a powerful cleaner which effectively removes all the mold, mildew, bacterial and existing sealers. This cleaner delivers the desired cleanliness without damaging tile and grout.

tile and grout cleaning

Protecting Grout with Pigmented Titanium:

Grout is the cement and sand mix which is filled in the void between two tiles. It is a very permeable substance which easily absorbs all the liquid spills and moisture. Simply cleaning tile will not give you perfect cleanliness and you also need to clean the grout. D'Sapone® offers our patented grout color sealing process using Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium solvent epoxy resin. It not only prevents the stains and mold, but can also be matched with the grout color as it is available in 40 different shades. Caponi® soaks deep into the grout closing all the pores, thereby preventing them from future staining.

Sealing the Grout Atlanta

Creating a Waterproof Surface on Natural Stone:

Many people use natural stone for their home flooring. Natural stone like marble, slate, granite and travertine are the common ones used in home interiors. It is also very porous and tends to absorb all moisture leading to mold breeding. We offer services for waterproofing these surfaces with our quality stone sealing service using exquisite sealers – Repela-Bond and Celine.

Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, delivers a hydrophobic appearance to stone preventing the passage of moisture or liquids. Celine – a clear topical solvent based clear resin sealer, closes all the pores of stone while waterproofing it. Celine also adds a light sheen to the surface and does not look very bulky on the flooring.

D'Sapone® offers a 5 year labor warranty on all services. So, for all your tile grout cleaning and sealing requirements, contact us @ 880-781-7718 today!


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