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Want to Eliminate Cracks in your Shower Tile?

SEO D'Sapone, July 13, 2018

Trying to keep the shower surface clean can be very difficult, because it is constantly clad in humidity. Besides, if there are cracks in your shower floor, it can get really annoying. Majority of the builders or contractors don’t leave behind extra tiles after finishing their job. Even if you intend to buy the same colored tile at a store, the color or shade may not exactly match that of your tile. In order to put an end to this hassle, D'Sapone® provides a professional
cracked tile repair service.

Even in the absence of an additional tile, our artists will seal and disguise cracked shower tile with Sentura- a 2 part pigmented solvent based epoxy/resin. We don’t just repair cracked shower tile surface with this high quality sealer, we pigment it to match the surface color, as closely as possible. But, before we repair the cracks, we perform a detailed shower restoration service that includes tile cleaning, grout sealing and caulk substitution processes. Below we have mentioned about our complete shower restoration processes.

cracked-title-travertineCleaning and Sanitizing the Surface:

To start with, we remove all of the stains, mold and existing sealers with our professional shower tile cleaning service. We spray the surface with a deep soaking cleaner, conveying that look, which it rightly deserves without causing any damage to the beauty of the flooring. Most contractors clean the tile and grout utilizing steam machines, which just takes out the stains displayed at the highest point or superficial layer of the surface while reducing the shower floor value.

Shower-Caulk-replacementSubstituting Caulking with Sentura:

We never perform caulking as it peels or wears off the surface within six months. Caulk additionally influences the corners to look dreadful with its bulky lines. It loses its bond in wet settings, enabling mold and mildew to occur. When we play out our caulk removal service, you will realize that you have never observed anything like it. We dispose of the caulk and supplant it with Sentura in each one of the corners. It waterproofs the joints and safeguards them for a lifetime with its 1200psi bond. Before we fill Sentura, we pigment it as per your task’s needs to render a characteristic and natural look.

Repairing Cracked Tile with a Pigmented Sealer:

If your shower tile is cracked, then we will fix the issue without the need of supplanting it with new tile. We will fill the cracks using Sentura that can easily suit your needs with its more than 4 color options. The end result is so uniform and natural that it will be difficult for anyone to guess if the surface ever had cracks.

grout-color-sealing-dsaponeColor Sealing Grout:

Utilizing the correct products is essential while dealing with the grout as it efficiently fills voids between the tiles. Grout is likewise permeable and it will stain quickly if not sealed. We color seal the grout with Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin, making a waterproofed surface to prevent grout from staining. It is accessible in 40 diverse color varieties that can without much of a doubt suit your undertakings needs. Caponi® can’t be removed by chemical cleaners or heavy scrubbing.

ceramic Tile-Cleaning-DSapone

Sealing the Natural Stone with Exquisite Sealers:

Once we clean the stone shower, we will proceed to closing all the stone pores with our extraordinarily manufactured sealers, Celine – a clear topical solvent based sealer, and Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer. They deliver a hydrophobic surface while preventing liquids from staining the stone. Repela-Bond leaves the tile with a natural look, while Celine may convey an additional sheen to the surface.

These were our shower tile restoration processes that will take your surface to the next level with a 5 year labor warranty. Reach us to get a free crack tile repair estimate.



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