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Want to Take your Cultured Marble Shower to the Next Level?

SEO D'Sapone, October 26, 2018

Cultured marble is produced using a mix of resin and marble dust, making it to a great degree, a hard polymer. Different individuals love to display it inside their showers as it is less expensive than marble stone. Cultured marble does not require periodic sealing as it is a stain-safe material. It isn’t defenseless similar to marble, yet acidic cleaners can lessen the value of the stone. If this has happened to your shower, it’s past the final turning point, unless D’Sapone performs a professional cultured marble shower restoration service using quality cleaners and sealers from pFOkUS®. Further, we have provided a brief on our restoration procedure…

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Cleaning Cultured Marble Tile and Grout:

Water has a mix of calcium and magnesium, making hard spot after it dries. Hard water and soap scum influence showers to look bad. We can pass on that fresh new cleanliness to your shower, which once flashed over the surface, with our patented cultured marble shower tile cleaning service. We will clean the tile and grout with Benaz – a deep cleaner, making an incomprehensible look by wiping out all the hard water spots and etching. It won’t hurt the magnificence of your tile and grout.

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Repairing the Cracks in Tile and Grout:

If you are dealing with tile and grout cracking issues, we will perform shower tile repair. We will utilize Sentura, which is a two part pigmented solvent based epoxy/resin. It is composed with a 1200psi bond that will safeguard the surface for a lifetime. We won’t simply amend the cracking issue, we will likewise shading match Sentura to the cultured marble. We can shade this product in more than 40 hues to suit your necessities.

Covering Grout with Titanium:

Simply cleaning the cultured marble can’t keep the solidness and magnificence of your shower. Grout is an extremely permeable substance, filling voids between the tiles. When it has been cleaned, it will permit the event of mold and stains once more. In any case, it’s not an issue for us since we generally perform grout color sealing after we clean the surface. Most organizations utilize water based sealers since they are cheap and simple to work with, however they will peel and wear off the shower grout in months while causing mold and stains.

We will coat the grout lines utilizing an impeccably planned sealer – Caponi®. It is a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer, entering profound into the grout lines while influencing them to waterproof to prevent the entry of dampness.

Replacing Caulk with Sentura:

Re-caulking the shower is a temporary arrangement, as it will bomb in a half year, while leaving the corners. This is the thing that causes the development of mold and mildew. Caulk additionally conveys an awful look in the corners. We never caulk or re-caulk the shower, we supplant the caulk with Sentura, waterproofing the joints while bringing that delightful look. Sentura will never peel and will ensure the corners for a lifetime with its thin and beautiful lines.

Sealing Cultured Marble with a Clear Topical Product:

When you begin to shower, the cultured marble will end up being permeable to some degree. Just the right cultured marble shower restoration service can keep its look and sturdiness. We will coat your stone utilizing the world’s most capable stone sealer – Celine. It is an unmistakable topical solvent based resin sealer, drenching into the surface while adding a mind boggling sheen to the cultured marble. Celine makes a waterproofed shower avoiding future staining and etching issues.

blog 3D'Sapone® artists deliver an efficient cultured marble shower restoration service. What are you sitting tight for? Call us @ 800.781.7718 to get your free estimate and enjoy a healthy shower every day .



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