Don’t Replace Your Tile – Restore it, in Just One Day!

Don’t Replace Your Tile – Restore it, in Just One Day!

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alsoWait! If you are hunting from pillar to post searching for an exact spare tile, then we have some good news for you. Tile often cracks, chips, or gets damaged. When such small mishaps occur, some contractors suggest you change your tile. If you have a spare tile, then you still have some solace, but if you don’t, then finding the exact match seems impossible. D'Sapone® offers its ground-breaking technology to restore cracked or damaged tile. Yes! Our restoration service promises to restore it just like new.Don’t Replace Your Tile – Restore it - D'SaponeCommon Suggestions Given by Contractors and their Repercussions:

  • Low-quality or cheap contractors would only suggest you to change the damaged tile with a new spare tile.
  • If you have a spare tile, you can get the work done easily, but if you do not have a spare tile, then finding the exact match in stores is quite difficult because patterns keep changing.
  • Sometimes, even if you have a spare tile, its color may not match with the surrounding tile because of its better sheen, making it obvious that a repair work has been done.
  • Getting a tile changed is no easy task and sometimes, such civil work takes days, thereby disrupting your routines.

D'Sapone®’s Take on the Issue:

I. We do not Suggest Getting Similar Tile:

D'Sapone® has its own patented procedure of cracked tile repair. We do not suggest you change the damaged tile and grout. We are aware of the difficulties you may face in getting the similar spare tile. Our artists perform our services on the same damaged tile, restoring it like new.

II. We focus on Smooth Surfaces and Seamless Repair:

We work on the cracks and chips with our powerful sealants and patented procedures and deliver seamless repair jobs on your cracks and chips. Our experts do not leave out any rough edges or corners.

After our repair procedures, you will find it difficult to point out the area that has been worked upon.

III. We use High-Quality a Powerful Adhesive:

Our results for cracked tile restoration are so exceptional that none will be able to point out the difference. We fix the cracking issue with the most powerful product, Sentura – a 2 part pigmented flexible solvent resin that comes with a 1200psi adhesion. Our cracked tile repair services are done in just one day by our highly trained and passionate artists. Within a day, you can get your damaged tile restored and the surface ready-to-use.

Caulk-substitute - senturaIV. We Restore Aesthetics with Minimum Hassle:

We understand that undergoing a total tile repair or renovation at home is too burdensome for the people living inside. It causes a lot of dust, time and money. Our services are focused on reducing time, effort, hassle while restoring the similar beauty you once had.

How D'Sapone® Performs Cracked Tile Repair?

To repair a broken or damaged tile, we use a high-quality and powerful pigmented solvent-based sealer to fill in the cracks and chips in your tile. We use Sentura to cover your holes and cracks in thin lines such that they do not appear very bulky. Our patented procedures on cracked tile repair guarantee that the sealers will never pop off from the surface. When performing cracked tile repair, we take special care to match the pigment of our adhesive to the surrounding tile surface to prevent a mismatch.pits and holes repair service D'Sapone

We offer more than 40 shade variations, and so, we find no issues in matching our adhesive to the desired shade. Our company offers repair services with our ground-breaking procedures that cover the hairline fractures, cracks, pits, holes so beautifully, that it gets tough to spot the difference later on. We didn’t only remove the traditional tile replacement process, we also eliminated regrouting and caulking or recaulking processes with Sentura to deliver you a permanent result.

D'Sapone®’s Complete Tile and Grout Restoration:

Not only do we offer cracked tile repair, we also perform complete tile and restoration services including tile and grout deep cleaning, cracked grout and tile repair, grout sealing, caulk replacement and tile sealing. Some people feel that they need complete restoration services and not only cracked tile repair services.

For such requests, we first clean grout and tile with deep-penetrating cleaners that remove all traces of germs and mold at the root level. We then replace the damaged caulk with our powerful adhesive. Next, we use the same adhesive also to perform grout and tile repair. We then seal grout with our titanium-based sealer and finally seal the tile with clear topical-based resin sealers with a 5-year labor warranty. This complete tile restoration procedure restores your tile just like new. This way, our restoration service is highly-detailed and of new-age technology.

If you require more information on our services, you can contact @ +1 770-924-4757. Therefore, say no to changing your entire tile in case of small damages. Call D'Sapone® instead, to get better services with better quality and less time.


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