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Glass Shower Doors Cleaning and Sealing

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Shower glass is the epitome of beauty in a bathroom as it separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, helps to keep the flooring dry and also adds a lustre and sheen to the interiors with its sparkling glass surface. But a stained and etched shower glass, on the other hand, reverses the effect and makes the bathroom look very dirty, unmaintained and even unhygienic. So how can you make your glass spot free? And even if you do, how can you ensure that it remains spot free? D'Sapone® offers the best glass shower door cleaning service to make your glass stain-free.

shower-glass-restorationBut before you read more about our glass shower door cleaning and sealing services, let us understand the basic problems with shower glass.

Common Problems with Glass Shower Doors:

  • Hard water stains are a common nuisance for glass doors. These appear in places that get hard water in their taps. Whitish water dots or hard water stains are nothing but calcium and mineral deposits left over after the water evaporates. Regardless of how well you clean them, they reappear with the next use.
  • Soap scum often stains glass doors making them look dirty and unmaintained.
  • Acidic cleaners and spills from shampoos and lotions may cause etching on the surface.

These are the common problems with shower glass doors. We will now explain how D'Sapone® tackles glass shower door cleaning and sealing. It is always better to hire experts for a glass cleaning and sealing service if you want the best results.

Why Should You Hire D'Sapone® to Make your Shower Glass Spot-Free?

D'Sapone® is a 15 year old company offering tile, grout, stone and glass restoration in the United States. D'Sapone® experts are passionate artists who will render your glass surfaces sparkling and with an ideal clarity. Most contractual workers use low quality cleaners to clean the glass surface. Our products are often purchased from big box stores which are easy to use. We do not give the required effort for shower glass maintenance. We not only clean your glass door but also enhance its looks using high quality products manufactured by pFOkUS®. Our products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratories.

D'Sapone - Tile and grout cleaning serviceWhat Happens when you Try DIY Cleaning or Sealing with Glass or Hire Cheap Contractors?

When you hire cheap or low-quality contractors for your glass cleaning and sealing services, you are not saving precious bucks, infact, you will be wasting it. This is because such people are often inexperienced and do not know which good-quality products to use for your glass restoration. They might use acidic cleaners and cause etching on your glass. So, whenever you plan to hire experts for your glass restoration, ensure that you have chosen the best ones, even if they charge a little more. The beauty and longevity they render to your surfaces will be worth their price.

If you still want to try DIY glass cleaning and sealing, then you must use the best quality products. There are many cheap or low-quality products available on Big Box stores with fancy packaging. But you must not fall prey to such marketing strategies and only prick products that are the best.

We at D'Sapone® use our patented procedures and high-quality products for glass cleaning and sealing. Let us Read In-Depth About our Services Below:

Glass Cleaning Service Using a Premium-Quality Cleaner:

We offer a detailed shower glass cleaning service to render a sparkling door. We thoroughly remove all the hard water stains, soap scums and etching from the glass door using Benaz – an efficient glass cleaner for shower doors, which removes all the hard water spots and etching. Our glass cleaning service is patented and highly recommended if you want an ideal clarity and beauty of your surface using non-acidic cleaners. Our services ensure that there is no etching on your glass doors and they remain sparkling and clean.

Shower-Glass-CleaningSealing the Door Using a High-Quality Sealer:

After hard water and soap scum removal using our perfect glass cleaner, glass sealing is recommended to shield the glass from hard water. We offer a shower glass sealing service using Valore Sealer – a high quality glass sealer, which efficiently seals the glass preventing it from hard water dots, while conveying magnificence to the surface. Our glass sealing services ensure that your surfaces become water-resistant and shine with an ideal clarity after every use.

Regular Maintenance of Glass Doors Using an Efficient Maintenance Cleaner:

So, when it comes to proper home and commercial complexes maintenance, do not ignore your shower glass doors. You can maintain your glass doors to remain all kinds of superfluous stains using Valore Maintenance. This one is our high-quality combination of a cleaner and sealer that is infused with 6.97% H2O2 at the molecular level. Regular maintenance with Valore Maintenance will leave your glass doors sparkling with an ideal clarity.

In order to get a free estimate on our glass shower door cleaning services and other restoration services, contact our experts today! If you would like to indulge in glass restoration yourself, you can use high-quality products from pFOkUS® – a leading stone, tile, grout and glass restoration products manufacturing company.


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