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Common Problems with Granite Surfaces and How D'Sapone® can Solve Them

D'Sapone Admin, August 3, 2017

Granite stone is in great demand owing to its durability. As a natural forming stone, it looks stunning and raises the beauty of any spaces while contributing to your home’s elegance. However, there are also some potential weaknesses of granite stone that should be kept in mind while considering it for homes or buildings. Here is a look at the pros and cons of granite…

Reasons to Choose Granite for Floors and Countertops:

  • It has a distinctive interlocking crystal structure, making the stone extremely strong and delivers it that grainy look.
  • It cannot be broken easily.
  • Installing granite stone on floors or countertops brings an art made by nature to your home or building.
  • Granite takes the surface to the next level visually and often becomes the centerpiece of rooms.
  • If the stone is well maintained or cleaned regularly, it will keep its gleam for several years.
  • With over 20 shades of the stone to work with, you can find one which blends perfectly with your flooring or kitchen cabinets.
  • Its use near a cooktop is ideal since it resists heat too.

Reasons to be Cautious about Granite:

  • Most people assume granite is very resistant to stains, but it is also a porous stone to some degree.
  • If the stone is not sealed correctly, it will retain juice, wine, oil or any liquids, causing stains that might be impossible to eliminate.
  • It is susceptible to chemical damage, such as etching and dulling.

If you have taken a wrong turn in caring for your granite surface, how will you get back that incredible look that you fell in love with? D'Sapone® is able to take your stone to that brand new look for a lifetime using high quality restoration products from pFOkUS®. All of our granite restoration processes are listed below…

Cleaning Granite with a Penetrating Cleaner:

You strive for that lush granite surface with little maintenance and our patented cleaning process will achieve this. Granite stone cleaning with regular products diminishes the value of the surface. We will apply Imperia – a quality penetrating cleaner, to the stone eliminating stains, bacteria, sealers and any debris at the root of the surface. Imperia will not just clean your granite, it will also prep and sanitize the stone while seeping into the pores. It will not cause any damage to the surface while bringing that perfect cleanliness.

Granite stone cleaning AtlantaAfter Granite Cleaning, Sealing the Grout:

Grout – a cement based material, absorbs liquids or moisture at a rapid pace that causes the occurrence of stains and mold. It fills voids between the stone tiles on floors and if not sealed, it will ruin the look of the entire surface, no matter how clean the tile is. We will not just clean the surface, we will also prevent grout staining issues using Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer. It will soak into the grout pores while creating a waterproofed surface to halt stains and mold from taking place. We will color math the Caponi® with the grout to make it look natural.

Sealing the Grout AtlantaSealing Granite with an Invisible Clear Resin:

The poorly sealed stone is nothing short of a burden as it will lose its elegance within months. We perform granite stone sealing with an exquisitely designed sealer that will never peel or wear off the surface. We will seal your granite surface using Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, seeping into the stone while creating a hydrophobic surface to prevent liquids or moisture from passing through it. It will leave your floor or countertop with a lush natural look.

Granite stone sealing Atlanta

Bringing That Perfect Lush Sheen to the Stone:

Durability and that look, both rely on a fresh and sanitized granite surface. Once we clean and seal the stone, we will perform granite polishing with a clear topical product, bringing back that incredible sheen, which you have never imagined before.

granite stone polishing Atlanta
Offering Maintenance with Less Effort:

Maintaining the stone can be a tricky job, if a quality product is not used. After we leave, you can keep the look of your granite easily with Valore – an incredible maintenance product. It only needs to be sprayed once a week to the surface. Valore will add a coating protection to your floor and countertop while sanitizing them. It will also extend our restoration warranty up to 5 years.

Reach us @ (880)781-7718 now and get your free granite restoration estimate today.


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