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Enjoy a ‘Healthy Shower’ with No Mold and No Stains

D'Sapone Admin, August 11, 2016

Experience a caulk free, mold free and stain free shower at a sanitized level, which you have never experienced before. D'Sapone®’s ‘Healthy Shower’ service includes. D'Sapone®’s ‘Healthy Shower’ service includes tile and grout cleaning, sealing and caulk elimination processes with its astonishingly designed products from pFOkUS®.

Healthy shower with no stainsWe use our most powerful cleaner – Imperia, penetrating deep into the surface to remove all mold, mildew and stains from the root. It strips sealers present in the stone and grout prepping the surface for our products. Cleaning your shower only eliminates stains, it doesn’t prevent their occurrence. We protect all the grout lines with Caponi® – 2 part titanium solvent catalyst, which is chemical resistant. It waterproofs the surface and never peels like water based sealers.

Then, we spray our natural look oil based sealers on the stone creating a perfect lush protection on the surface. Caulk peels and wears off the walls and floor within six months, causing mold and mildew to take place. We eliminate the caulk with Sentura – a 2 part solvent based flexible resin that comes in over 40 colors. Formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, Sentura never peels and protects all the corners with its thin and durable lines.

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