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Holes in your Shower Grout? Fix them Now!

SEO D'Sapone, March 5, 2021

Most of you might have not bothered much on finding tiny pin holes or cracks in your shower grout. For many of you, It is the intact tile that matters the most. But, this article will completely change your view regarding these grout holes. If not tackled and fixed soon, it may lead to major grout repairs. Let us know why grout deteriorates so quickly, how to prevent this issue and how to fix holes in shower grout.

Why do Holes Develop in Grout?

  • Grout, over a period of time, may develop tiny pinholes or large cracks on its surface. Tiny pinholes develop over a period of time. This process is normal, as after some time, the foundation of the house sinks a teeny-weeny bit deeper into the soil, thereby shifting the structure of the house.
  • Grout is a very delicate material as it is made from sand and cement. This impact of pressure of the house is shown on its surface in the form of holes.
  • Secondly, if the holes are large, then probably, your cement and sand mixture had too much water. After some time, when the water evaporates, it leaves behind large holes in the grout.
  • Sometimes, if grout is not sealed properly, or not sealed at all, moisture and water in showers penetrate its surface and weaken the grout. This weakened grout easily shifts or goes missing on impact.
  • Cracks in grout develop when the underlayment at the time of installation is not proper. It might have too much water or poor quality cement. When the water below evaporates, the tile and grout laid above the underlayment shift their position, leading to development of holes.

Why should you Prevent Holes Formation in Grout?

  • Pin holes, large holes, cracks or missing grout ruin the beauty and aesthetics of your showers.
  • The missing grout spaces accumulate water and the cracks absorb moisture, further leading to mold and mildew breeding. Mold and mildew occur in places that are constantly damp. They reek of a bad odor, spoil the beauty with their greenish-black residue and also cause health hazards like runny nose, eye infections and wheezing.
  • The places where grout has gone missing, form rough edges that may hurt anyone walking bare feet.
  • If grout goes missing, it can weaken the joints between two tiles, further dislodging the tile and ruining the evenness of the surface.

How to Fix Holes in Shower Grout?

If you notice holes in your shower grout, you need to take quick action. Whether large or small, holes need to be fixed and now! Do not worry, we will not ask you to regrout. We feel regrouting is just a process of applying bandage to the existing weakened grout. This too, will eventually weaken and give the same problems. The solution is to perform grout waterproofing the surface while applying a layer of pigmented solvent based flexible epoxy-resin grout over the existing grout and strengthen it.

How to Fix Holes in Shower Grout D'Sapone atlantaD'Sapone® offers the best grout restoration services in the US. We have our patented grout services, wherein we clean, repair and seal grout with our premium-quality products. Our artists are highly-trained and we offer a 5-year labor warranty on our services as well. We carefully select our artists after a thorough training and evaluation. D'Sapone® also has an exclusive deal with pFOkUS® – a leading stone, tile, grout, glass and brick restoration product manufacturing company in the US. We only use pFOkUS® products for our procedures as we believe they are the best on the market currently.

So, if you want to get grout restoration services from us, you can contact us at (770)924-4757. Here, we will explain how our experts do this process step-by-step.

  • Clean the Existing Grout with a Powerful Cleaner:

This step is most important. Our experts, with their trained eye, know exactly how to treat dirty grout. We perform a patented grout deep cleaning process in the shower using a penetrating cleaner and a grout cleaning brush that are not abrasive and yet powerful enough to remove the hidden stains and mold.

We use Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS®. Its deep-penetrative action enters into the pores and eliminates all mold, mildew, germs and stains from the root. It gives us a thoroughly sanitized grout surface.

  • Repairing Holes and Cracks in Grout with an Incredible Adhesive:

Our professionals have a trained eye to look for cracks and damages in the grout. We never replace the cracked grout with new grout as this is just a temporary fix. We perform cracked grout repair using the best and highest-quality adhesive that does not appear bulky and also never pops off the surface.

We use Sentura – a two-part pigmented flexible solvent-based epoxy-resin adhesive. It is based on 1200psi adhesion and hence never pops from the surface. We first color match the product with the surface and then repair the cracks while making the grout look natural and beautiful for long.

Sealing Grout with an Efficient Sealer:

We are aware that grout needs to be sealed separately and we educate our customers on the same. A shower is the extreme environment with moisture and grout easily allows moisture to soak into the surface, causing mold and stains. Moisture is also the cause of a hazy appearance beneath the tile sealant. D'Sapone® ensures that your grout is restored and sealed to prevent further deterioration with a patented grout sealing process using a pigmented waterproof sealer.

For sealing grout, our experts use a high-quality grout sealer – Caponi®. It is a titanium pigmented solvent-based epoxy-grout sealer, which forms a waterproof layer on the grout, thereby preventing the passage of liquids inside its pores. Caponi® is available in more than 40 colors and we offer to shade your grout in a color matching to your tile.

Maintaining Grout with Great Maintenance Products:

We also suggest our customers use maintenance products after shower grout restoration to maintain the beauty of the grout. We recommend you to use Imperia Maintenance or Valore Maintenance to maintain your grout and tile.

These maintenance cleaners remove superfluous stains from the surface, while keeping the sealant coat intact. Of the two, Valore Maintenance is stronger as it is infused with 6.97% H2O2.

If you are wondering how to fix holes in shower grout yourself and you find the process overwhelming, you can hire D'Sapone®. You can, alternatively, purchase high-quality pFOkUS® products and do-it-yourself. Grout is always susceptible to water and moisture. Moreover, soap scum and water stains also make the grout look stained. On sealing shower grout, you form a protective layer on the grout, thereby preventing it from further damage.

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