How to Fix a Leaking Shower Without Removing Tile

How to Fix a Leaking Shower Without Removing Tile

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Are you searching for ways to fix a leaking shower? Is it your bathroom that you have to clean every time or is the leaking water spoiling the ceiling beneath the shower? There can be numerous reasons why your shower is leaking. Do not fall prey to low or cheap contractors who might suggest you to rip off the tile and install a new flooring. D'Sapone® brings you revolutionary ways to fix a leaking shower without removing the tile.Leaking Shower Without Removing TileLeak Detection:

This is the first step towards fixing a leaking shower. It can be pretty much done by you. You need to first figure out where the water is leaking from. Is it from your damaged caulk? Is it from your porous and unsealed grout? It is due to your unsealed tile or is it from your glass shower door. Only when you find the problem can you focus on the solution, as each of these issues have a different method of fixing.

1. Damaged Grout:

Damaged grout can mean cracked, missing or deteriorated grout. As it is porous, water may penetrate deep inside the pores and further weaken the structure or underlayment beneath the tile. Excess water beneath the grout surface may travel through other porous surfaces and leak.

How to Fix Water Leaking from the Grout?

If your contractor suggests re-grouting, then you should reconsider it, because regrouting is nothing but adding a band aid of the same substance over your damaged grout. It will lead to leakage again. What you need to do is to apply a layer of epoxy/resin on your grout lines and then seal the surface with a strong grout sealer.

Tile and Grout Cleaning ServiceD'Sapone® offers revolutionary procedures for grout restoration. We use Sentura – a high-quality pigmented solvent based flexible epoxy/resin filler with 1200 psi adhesion to fill in the cracks and holes in your grout. We further seal your grout with Caponi® – our titanium-based solvent epoxy/resin grout sealer to make your surface water-proof. We also offer a choice of 40 shades in which our grout sealer can be pigmented. This gives you the choice of color matching your grout to your tile surface.

2. Damaged Caulk:

Damaged caulk means water leaking from shower corners to other porous surfaces and leaking from there. This could lead to water leaking from the adjoining walls or ceilings beneath. It also leads to dense mold and mildew formation. Damaged caulk may peel or crack and also turn blackish after deterioration.

How to Fix Water Leaking from Damaged Caulk?

D'Sapone® has totally abolished the method of caulking as we believe that it gives very temporary results. We substitute caulk with Sentura – our incredible grout joint sealer that is a high-quality pigmented solvent based flexible epoxy/resin filler with 1200 psi adhesion. It covers the shower corners beautifully in just one coat and does not appear bulky. It also does not pop off from the surface, thereby giving permanent results. Once the caulk is replaced with our powerful caulk substitute, it makes it waterproof.3. Unsealed Tile:

If you have installed natural stone tile in your shower, water may leak through its pores below too, as natural stone tile is porous. It tends to absorb water and this collects and then flows through the underlayment of the tile and then further down to other porous surfaces.

How to Fix Water Leaking from Unsealed Tile?

You can prevent water leaking from tile by sealing the tile with Celine – our topical solvent-based clear-resin sealer. This tile sealer forms a hydrophilic layer on the tile, thereby making it waterproof. Once sealed with Celine, water will sheet off from the surface and not penetrate below. But before we seal the tile, we also offer deep-cleaning services using powerful penetrating cleaners to remove all traces of mold and mildew that may have formed at the root-level. This assures complete sanitization of your surfaces once sealed.

4. Leaking Shower Doors:

Is your glass door leaking from the bottom or side? Leakages may occur on the vertical sides of the door with hinges or also from the bottom of the door. You may also find leakage in your frameless shower glass door at the junction where the door opens. Although you find the leak to be very little, over a period of time, it grows and collects in a pool of water below.Shower-Glass-CleaningHow to Fix Water Leaking from Shower Door?

After having identified the problem, look for a glass enclosure to repair shower leaks:

Shower Door Sweep:

We only use shower door sweeps manufactured by pFOkUS®. They are made from high-quality polycarbonate material and feature a unique look and a seamless design that can easily prevent leaks. If there are gaps between the shower door and seals, we can fix them using shims.

Framed and Frameless Door Seal:

We use shower door threshold seals from pFOkUS® as they are high-quality and crafted from rubber, vinyl or polycarbonate. Each shower door generally has a different seal requirement. They offer various sizes and varieties of framed and frameless door seals, and so, we only rely on their products.

Frameless Shower Door Half-Round Threshold:

pFOkUS®’ shower door half-round thresholds are engineered from aluminium blocks and feature a seamless design. They also have the sleekest design and do not ruin the look of your showers. Sometimes, when the gap is too large, you cannot close it with a sweep. We then use the threshold in closing those big gaps.

We follow these basic steps to repair leaking showers. This process is not simple and you need experts to minutely study and detect the gaps and probabilities that might lead to leaks. If you have a leaking shower, it is best you seek professional help from experts like D'Sapone®. With our high-quality products and patented procedures, we can fix your leakage without removing the tile.


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