Just a Week Left for Christmas! Restore your Homes

Just a Week Left for Christmas! Restore your Homes and Make them Festival-Ready

SEO D'Sapone, December 18, 2019

Christmas is just a week away and you obviously have planned a big get-together of family and friends to celebrate the festival. You have planned the decorations, thought of the turkey and salads, ordered the cake and wrapped the gifts. But what about the cleaning? Well, we are not talking about the regular home cleaning you do everyday, but deep cleaning your home so as to reveal a sparkling and thoroughly sanitized home to your guests!

An immaculate and uncluttered house will definitely garner accolades of praise from your friends and family on your house keeping skills. Let the coming festival be a reason to give your home a long due makeover. If you do not have the time to clean your home yourself, you can hire experts from D'Sapone®.

Just a Week Left for Christmas! Restore your Homes and Make them Festival-ReadyD'Sapone® – a leading stone, grout and glass restoration service provider has highly-trained experts to offer restorations. Mentioned-below are some areas of your house that you should clean and restore before Christmas. Also, read how D'Sapone® can help you.

Step-By-Step Guide to Clean your Home:

1.Tile Cleaning

Natural stone such as slate, travertine, marble and granite are the common choices but these stones are also highly porous. The porosity factor enables water to penetrate deep within leading to unhygienic conditions. Any food or liquid spills on the surface penetrates deep within the stone leading to mold and mildew formation. Mold and mildew love to breed in damp and moist areas. They reek of a bad odor and also ruin the look with their greenish black residue. Mold also causes health hazards like eye and respiratory problems. You don’t want your guests to find a disgusting look flooring when they use your washroom.

ceramic-Tile-Cleaning-DSaponeContact D'Sapone® for an expert tile cleaning service. Our professionals are highly trained and have access to quality products. We perform a deep cleaning service on your tile, rendering them thoroughly sanitized.

2.Grout Cleaning

Grout is a sand-cement mix added between two tiles to join them. But it is porous and tends to absorb all the water and moisture. The dampness inside its pores lead to mold and mildew breeding, which deteriorate the look of your grout with their greenish black reside and also cause health hazards. Grout often gets cracked and goes missing in some places. It gets stained easily and ruins the look of your flooring. Even if you clean the grout, it tends to get stained again. It is important to get grout cleaning and sealing done to prevent any damage. Sealing makes the surface waterproof and prevents further damage.

Grout cleaning service -Christmas 2020D'Sapone® offers a grout restoration service in which our experts, offer cleaning and grout sealing services. They also repair the missing or damaged grout.

3.Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning the floor and countertops. Natural stone countertops get stained and moldy easily as they tend to absorb the oil stains, acidic food and beverage spills and other stains. They often develop etching marks because of acidic spills.

kitchen countertops cleaning and sealing alpharetta georgia dsaponeD'Sapone® offers the best-in-class kitchen countertop cleaning services. Our experts thoroughly clean and sanitize your countertops. They also perform repair on chips and cracks on your surface. Lastly, they seal your countertops to prevent further staining. This complete countertop restoration service promises to restore your surfaces just like new.

4.Shower Cleaning and Sealing

Your guests are most likely to use your bathrooms and it is important that they look spic and span. Showers face a lot of water splashes, soap scum and shampoo and lotion spills. Those who get hard water in their taps get white-colored salt deposits on their tile and glass surface, ruining the aesthetics of your shower. Caulking is also a constant problem in showers as they tend to crack, peel off or get blackened after a few months.

Healthy Shower Restoration Grout Tile Stone 1024x645
D'Sapone® offers a complete shower cleaning and sealing service in which they first clean the flooring and grout with high-quality cleaners. We then remove the damaged caulk and replace it with powerful and permanent epoxy resins, which seal the shower corners without looking bulky. Lastly, we seal the tile and grout to prevent further staining. Our experts are highly trained in this procedure and we have access to high-quality products too. We also offer 5 years labor warranty on our services.

5.Glass Cleaning and Sealing

Glass is used in shelves and shower glass doors in your bathroom. Hard water stains, soap scum and etching marks ruin the look of your glass.

D'Sapone® offers glass cleaning and sealing services for your showers too. Our experts clean your glass surfaces with high-quality glass cleaners and then seal the surfaces to make them waterproof. Glass restoration done this way ensures that the surface will not get further damaged by hard water stains or soap scum.
You can restore your homes to perfection just before Christmas by hiring our services. So do not waste any more time. Call us to book your service now!.


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