Want to Restore Your Marble to Perfection? D'Sapone at Your Service!

Want to Restore Your Marble to Perfection? D’Sapone at Your Service!

D'Sapone Admin, April 7, 2017

Marble stone is in high demand since it has a beautiful appearance with gorgeous color variations. But as great as the stone is, it does stain very fast. It’s a significant investment, so it’s important to pay attention to every detail when maintaining your marble. To ensure that your stone is in top-notch condition, we have shared our patented marble restoration processes with you…

Marble Grout Cleaning

Cleaning, Prepping and Sanitizing.

Cleaning the stone with acidic cleaners causes etching issue while eliminating stains only at the top of the surface. Once we perform marble cleaning, you will experience unbelievable cleanliness on an unbelievable scale.

Our artists engage in deep cleaning marble shower, flooring and countertops. And their passion is significantly greater, as perfection comes in their DNA. Imperia – a penetrating cleaner, not just cleans the stone, it preps and sanitizes the surface while stripping stains, etching, mold and any sealers at the root. It’s not just a simple cleaner, it’s better in every way, leaving marble with a stunning look after it is used.

Titanium Sealed Grout. And nothing Short of Perfection.

Restoring marble floors is incomplete without restoring grout. We know the quality of the coating counts – so we count on Caponi®®. Imagine, your grout will not be coated with a simple spray paint, but it will have a titanium coating with a long time warranty. Why just imagine? Turn it into reality with our astonishing grout sealing process. Meet Caponi®® – a two part pigmented solvent titanium resin sealer, creating a waterproofed surface while soaking into it. Before our artists apply this product to the grout, they will choose the perfect color from over 40 color options of Caponi®® delivering a durable deep gloss finish.

Marble Grout Sealing

Fixing Cracks. Seamless Perfection:

We also cater to fixing cracks and chips in marble stone using Sentura – a two part pigment epoxy/resin adhesive built on 1200psi formulation. Sentura is perfect for marble repair as it fixes all the cracks and chips on your stone seamlessly. It never pops off from the surface and also imparts a natural looking sleek appearance.

Sealing Marble. Natural Look Sealers.

Sealing is an essential part of our successful marble restoration. It has pores that will open and allow the passage of moisture, staining the surface, once our artists clean it. We have two powerful natural stone sealers, Repela-Bond and Celine. Repela-Bond is an invisible clear resin water based sealer, closing the pores while penetrating deep into marble to make it waterproof. It doesn’t change the look of the stone after the sealing process. However, Celine is a clear topical solvent based resin sealer, creating a hydrophobic floor, shower or countertop while bringing that fresh lush sheen to marble. Sealing will make your marble maintenance much easier and effortless.

Marble Polishing. And Then Some.

After our artists clean and seal the surface, they will take your marble to that lush sheen, which you have never imagined before. Once acidic drinks and coffee are spilled on the surface, it will etch or stain. Only D’Sapone® can eliminate this issue permanently. Polishing marble countertops and floorings takes the beauty of the stone to the next level.

These were our high quality marble restoration processes that can take your stone to that brand new look with a 5 year labor warranty. If you are seeking a professional marble restoration company, then do contact D'Sapone®. By contacting us, we not only give you a free estimate but also promise to restore your surfaces just like new. Our passionate and highly trained professionals deliver a long-lasting finesse and sheen on your surfaces, taking their beauty to the next level.

Have queries regarding marble restoration? Let us know and we promise to cover it up in our next blog post. We are also quite active on social media. Leave your valuable suggestions and comments on our Facebook and Instagram.


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