Experience a Mold Free Shower Everyday with Our Approach

Experience a Mold Free Shower Everyday with Our Innovative Approach

D'Sapone Admin, July 18, 2016

Showers are the most extreme places in your home with all the moisture. It receives 414 times more water in a year than your roof does. Mold and mildew are the most common issues, which are often found inside your shower. Your money will be wasted if the wrong services are performed for removal of mold in shower.

Just opposite to other contractors, D'Sapone® offers a ‘Healthy Shower’ system with its exquisitely engineered restoration products from pFOkUS®. No matter how damaged your shower is, we can make it look new for a lifetime. We have discussed below your concerns related to mold issue.

Mold Free ShowerWhy Does Mold Take Place in Showers?

Wet Environment

Mold loves wet environment and your shower has extreme moisture, causing mold to take place. It first lurks in all the corners and around the bathtub. You cannot see it immediately and within a short period of time, mold grows throughout your entire shower.

Filling Corners with Caulk

Most companies fill all the corners with caulk, which is nothing short of a burden for your shower. In wet settings, it peels and that’s what causes the occurrence of mold. Mold first takes place in corners and then, grows throughout the entire shower within a few days. Caulk is a reason behind the birth of mold. Mold on shower caulk is a common occurrence as caulk soon wears off, giving favorable conditions for mold to breed.

Is Shower Mold Dangerous?

Mold and mildew forming anywhere in your house should be eliminated because they reek of a bad odor and also ruin the aesthetic appeal of your tile and grout. Mold and mildew also cause many health hazards such as eye problems and respiratory issues such as wheezing and runny nose.

Sealing Tile and Grout

Big box stores carry low quality sealers and cheap restoration products, which most contractors use. These sealers peel off the tile and grout within months, causing the growth of black mold in shower.

What is the Solution?

We eliminate the mold in showers permanently and stop its birth for a long time with our incredible tactics, which are given below.

Eliminating Mold and Stains with Imperia Cleaner:

We apply Imperia to all the tile and grout throughout the shower. This cleaner removes the mold and stains over the surface, and then it goes deep into it to eliminate them. Imperia removes the mold from shower grout and tile, resulting in a thoroughly sanitized surface.

Titanium Protecting All the Grout Lines with Caponi®® Sealer:

Grout is porous and if it is not sealed, it will retain moisture. We apply Caponi®® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin, to all the grout lines. Its titanium coat waterproofs the grout and halts the growth of mold permanently. Caponi®® comes in over 40 different colors to suit the needs of your project. It cannot be damaged by scrubbing and harsh chemicals.

Sealing Stone with Celine or Repela-Bond Sealer:

After natural stone tile cleaning, such as marble, slate, travertine, we seal it with Celine or Repela-Bond sealer. Both the sealers soak deep into the stone to prevent it from absorbing moisture, causing mold to grow. Celine also raises the elegance of a stone giving a lush sheen, with long-lasting protection. Both sealers seal and protect the stone, thereby proving to be perfect for shower mold prevention.

Replacing Caulk with Sentura:

Caulk available on the market cannot last more than 6 months in a shower environment. It peels and washes out of all the corners, allowing moisture to flow and invites mold to take place. Our goal is to offer a permanent cure. We do not only remove mold from shower caulk, but we remove the caulk and fill all the corners with Sentura – a flexible epoxy/resin filler with a 1200psi adhesion. It never peels off the shower floor and walls, and protects the corners with its thinnest line. Sentura is also available in above 40 colors.

Our mold removal procedure helps you achieve a mold free and stain-proof shower for a lifetime. We offer a 5 year warranty with our ‘Healthy Protection’, which comes with Valore – a maintenance cleaner.

So hurry up and contact D'Sapone® now to get the best mold remediation service. If you have any queries regarding mold and mildew, do not hesitate to leave a comment or message on our social media pages – Instagram and Facebook.


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