pFOkUS - a Restoration Products Company Guarantees D’Sapone Service

pFOkUS® – the Best Restoration Product Manufacturing Company Guarantees D'Sapone® Services

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alD'Sapone® is one of the leading hard surface restoration service providers in the US. Our services have shown such astounding results that even pFOkUS® – one of the top-notch restoration products manufacturing companies recommends you all to hire D’Sapone for making good use of pFOkUS® products.

You often try and use restoration products on our own to clean and maintain your floorings, showers and countertops. But often the results are not satisfactory. The reason behind this is that you do not have the technical know-how or expertise. Even if you buy the best products from the market, you will need technical expertise for good restoration.

Tile, grout, stone and glass restoration - pFOkUS®A good service provider will ensure that they use the tile, grout, stone, and glass restoration products to the best of their ability. D'Sapone® has a highly trained and efficient team that cleans, seals, repairs, and maintains your hard surfaces, and delivers your homes and commercial complexes a new look. We are so sure of our restoration jobs with pFOkUS® products that we even offer a 5-year labor warranty on our services.

The hard surface restoration products manufactured by pFOkUS® have been developed after years of research in the laboratories. All these products are suitable for natural stone, tile, grout, and glass surfaces. pFOkUS® has full trust in D'Sapone® that we use their products in the best ways possible.

The below image is of a damaged shower. The entire surface is looking dirty, tile, grout and the corners are ruining the beauty of the shower with all the stains and mold.

tile, grout, stone and glass restoration - D'Sapone

Now look at the image below. D'Sapone® has used pFOkUS® products to restore the same area. The shower looks as good as new now.

tile, grout, stone restoration - D'Sapone

For complete restoration, shower, flooring and countertop cleaners and sealers from pFOkUS® aids in our procedures. Below we have mentioned the D'Sapone® restoration procedures.

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

For cleaning tile and grout, D'Sapone® professionals use heavy-duty cleaners from the range of the pFOkUS® products, which are tough on stains and gentle on the surface. pFOkUS® product – Imperia Deep Clean is a penetrating cleaner that delivers remarkable results while soaking deep into tile and grout to eliminate the stains and mold. It is non-acidic and does not cause etching on the surface. pFOkUS® product – Imperia Maintenance Cleaner is excellent for maintaining your surfaces after they have been cleaned at the root level.

Grout Sealing:

Grout is very porous and tends to absorb moisture leading to stains and mold taking place. Clean and sanitized grout lines deliver your surfaces a tidy look, otherwise, dirty grout in between clean tile makes the job look incomplete. Furthermore, just cleaning grout does not guarantee that it will not get dirty again. Sealing grout is the only way to prevent further moisture absorption. We perform grout sealing with pFOkUS® product – Caponi®, which is a solvent-based pigmented titanium sealer.

Repairing Cracked or Chipped Tile and Grout:

Next, D'Sapone® experts check for cracks and chips on tile and grout. Cracked tile repair and grout repair is done by powerful adhesives such as Sentura, which give a seamless repair result without appearing too bulky. Our experts use Sentura because it doesn’t pop off from the surface and also can be pigmented in colors matching your tile and grout.

Sealing and Polishing Natural Stone:

Natural stone is also porous and one should seal it with the right product. We add coating protection to the natural stone surface with Celine – a clear topical solvent based resin. It waterproofs natural stone to prevent it from allowing the passage of liquids.

Polishing natural stone is the last and final step in tile and grout restoration. We also use the same product Celine from pFOkUS®, to impart a brilliant sheen and lustre that your stone had when it was newly installed.

Glass Restoration:

pFOkUS® products also include glass restoration products such as glass cleaners, sealers and maintenance products. For those who get hard water in their taps, hard water stains is a common issue. Moreover, soap scum, etching and other dirt and debris also accumulate on glass. D'Sapone® uses pFOkUS® products to restore glass surfaces just like new.

Glass Restoration Products - pFOkUS®So, if you are intrigued by pFOkUS® product range and their results, you can visit pFOkUS®.com. If you want to attempt DIY with their products, you can purchase the products directly from the website. And if you find the procedures too overwhelming, you can hire D'Sapone® experts for floor, countertops and shower restoration. Contact us now to get your free estimate.


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