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Upgrade the Look of your Pool by Availing the Best Pool Restoration Services

SEO D'Sapone, December 28, 2018

A pool is the most loved place in homes and buildings, where we spend a lot of fun-filled moments with friends and family. It is also very important to ensure that your pool is spic and span. You need to pay attention to detail when it comes to a pool. You obviously do not want your guests complaining about the lack of maintenance. D'Sapone® offers the best pool tile repair service by rendering your tile, stone, grout and stainless rails clean and sparkling.


Nagging Issues with Pool:

  • Hard water has calcium and mineral deposits which leave nasty stains and dots on the pool tile after the water evaporates. Even if you get shiny and attractive tile installed, hard water is bound to ruin its look.
  • Stainless rails used in a pool to enter and exit often get rusted if not protected properly. It gets etched with hard water and looks very unappealing.
  • Natural stone is highly porous. Many people use it to decorate the area beside the pool. If not sealed properly, it easily becomes breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • If there is efflorescence, it can crack the surface.

Why do you constantly face staining issues in my pool tile, grout, stone and steel rail despite having them restored?

Many contractors use low quality and cheap tile and grout restoration products to clean and seal the surface, which degrade the quality of the surface. Just cleaning with powerful cleaners is also not the permanent solution if the tile and grout are not sealed with impactful sealers.

How can this problem be solved?

D'Sapone® uses high quality sealers and cleaners manufactured by pFOkUS®. We also offer a 5 year labor warranty on our services. Our remarkable services for pool tile repair are mentioned below.

Rendering a Sparkling Clean Pool Tile, Rail and Stone with Benaz:

We perform pool rail, tile and grout cleaning using Benaz – a powerful cleaner, removing all the stains, mold and etching. It efficiently removes all the hard water dots without causing any damage to the surface.

Pool Tile Restoration San Diego-before and after

Removing Efflorescence with Zido:

We use Zido chemical to perform efflorescence removal. Not only does it remove the efflorescence at the top of the surface, but it eliminates this issues at the root. Zido penetrates deep while knocking off all the salts causing this problem in the first place.

Sealing Grout Lines with Caponi®:

We use Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin to seal all the grout lines. It is available in more than 40 different shades. Caponi® soaks into the grout and waterproofs it to stop the occurrence of stains and mold.

Sealing Natural Stone and Stainless Rails with Celine:

We use Celine, which is a natural look oil based sealer to seal the natural stone and the pool rail with a slight sheen. It gets deep into the stone surface thereby preventing further staining. Once your natural stone tile and grout are clean, the pores will open, allowing the passage of all liquids. Celine shuts all the pores to prevent the occurrence of stains and mold while adding a slight sheen to the surface.

Pool Tile Restoration San DiegoRepairing Cracked Tile and Grout with Sentura:

We repair cracked grout and tile if you have cracks on the surface. We use Sentura – a flexible epoxy/resin filler. Designed to join cracks with its powerful 1200psi adhesives, Sentura will never pop out. It comes in over 40 colors that can be blended with Caponi® to match your tile shade.

So get your pool tile repair estimate today or call us @ (760)705-1011 for more information.


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