Advantages of a Professional Floor Tile Cleaning Service - D'Sapone

Advantages of a Professional Floor Tile Cleaning Service – D’Sapone

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Floor tile in bathrooms, showers, kitchens and living areas face regular wear and tear because of rough use. Food and beverage spills, pet stains, soap scum and mold make these areas look dirty and filthy. Many people use home remedies like baking soda, vinegar, etc to get rid of these stains, while some buy cheap cleaners available on Big Box stores. But none such remedies restore the lustre of your floor tile like before. It is recommended to hire a professional floor tile cleaning service to renew your surfaces like before.

You will get a better idea of a professional floor tile cleaning service once you know its advantages. But first you know more about the difference in a professional cleaning and doing it yourself, you should know the main problems with floor tile and why cleaning is so important.

ceramic-Tile-Cleaning-DSaponeWhy is Tile Cleaning Important?

Whether you use natural stone, non-natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile for your flooring, a thorough cleaning is very important to give you a sanitized surface. Natural stone flooring absorbs moisture and dampness, leading to mold and mildew development. Mold and mildew, if left ignored, quickly spreads to the entire flooring. It reeks of a bad odor and also causes health hazards.

The porosity factor also leads to dense staining at the root level. If you have used non-natural stone tile like ceramic or porcelain, you may find stains like rust, food and beverage spills or such other stubborn stains. Stains on the tile floor are inevitable, but cleaning them the right way is in your hand.

Common Traditional Cleaning Methods and their Disadvantages:

Traditional Cleaning Methods like baking soda, acidic cleaners, vinegar, abrasive cleaners tarnish and harm your tile. Abrasive cleaners might help to remove stains and mold, but they also cause scratches. Similarly, acidic cleaners cause etching on the surface. Cheap or low quality cleaners cannot remove the stains effectively and over the years, you will notice your floor tile to turn yellowish and lustreless. Most of these cleaners are also not deep-penetrative and are incapable of removing mold and dense stains from the root.

In What Ways is D'Sapone®’s Tile Cleaning Service Better Than Conventional Methods?

Slate Tile Floor CleaningD'Sapone® is the only leading restoration company in the US which follows detailed procedures and has an exclusive deal with one of the best restoration products manufacturing brands. Below we have mentioned in detail how D'Sapone® delivers better services than others.

Advantages of a Floor Tile Cleaning Service by D'Sapone®:

  • Patented Procedures:

We have our own patented procedures for floor tile cleaning. Our procedures are detailed and science-backed, which are performed after analyzing the structure of the tile and grout. We assure complete guarantee on your floor tile revival by our methods.

  • Highly Trained Experts:

Our experts are highly-trained in our patented procedures. They know how to use our premium-quality products the right way. They first analyze your floor tile and give you a quick explanation of the problems and the procedure they are going to perform, so that you have a clear idea of what you can expect. You can ask them any queries regarding the procedures. Each artist in our team is informed about the nature of various floor tile and their maintenance requisites.

  • High-Quality Products:

We use high-quality products manufactured by pFOkUS® – a leading stone, tile, grout and glass restoration product manufacturing company in the US. Their products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratories.

pfokus restoration products

  • Timely and Efficient Service:

Once you hire D'Sapone® experts for your floor tile rejuvenation service, you need not worry and leave all the work on our experts. They will clean your floor tile and leave it sparkling. They will also explain to you about our tile and grout repair and sealing services. If you are interested, you can get those services as well.

How does D'Sapone® Perform a Floor Tile Cleaning Service?

Our highly trained artists perform a patented tile and grout deep cleaning process using Imperia Deep Clean – a strong deep cleaner. Not only do we clean the floor, we also prep and sanitize it while removing all the mold, mildew, stains and existing sealers from the root without damaging the tile and grout.

Advantages of a Professional Floor Tile Cleaning ServiceWe also clean the grout while cleaning floor tile to make your grout stain free and mold free. Along with tile, it is also important to clean your grout properly. As grout is porous, it can lead to dense staining and mold development too.

After cleaning tile and grout, we also recommended sealing tile and grout, as cleaning does not guarantee that stains and mold won’t occur again. We also offer cracked tile and grout repair, efflorescence removal, tile and grout sealing and tile polishing services. Contact D'Sapone® now to avail their restoration services. If you want to do-it-yourself, you can buy products from pFOkUS® and read their directions on how to use them.


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