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Granite is a widely popular stone for countertops and flooring surface.Its quality and pattern lifts the grandness of any space it is presented at, and moreover redesigns your home’s style. Regardless, beside the different points of interest of having granite stone, there are in like manner a couple of drawbacks of this stone which must be analyzed before bringing it home. If the stone isn’t maintained then it can be a problem for you to restore it. Read on, to uncover the advantages and drawbacks of this stone and the best granite countertop cleaning service

Granite Cleaning and Sealing

Advantages of having Granite Floors and Countertops:

  • Granite incorporates a ‘piece’ of nature to your interiors and it never neglects to be the centerpiece of the room in which it is presented. Besides being a strong and tough stone, it apparently takes the surface to the next level. Granite’s interlocking crystal structure gives it that engaging grainy look. It is impenetrable to fire and in this way, it is the perfect stone for your countertop. The stone is available in an extent of 20 shades, allowing you to pick the appropriate shade, which suits your ground surface and kitchen countertop.

Cons of having Granite Floors and Countertops:

  • Despite the way that granite is known to be a strong, solid and fire-resistant stone, how it is porous to some degree. It tends to sponge up liquids like juice, wine, oil which cause diligent staining. The stone is feeble against changes like etching and dulling.
  • D’Sapone perceives how frustrating it can be to end up with a damaged granite, which used to be your supreme top pick. Our artists will pass on that amazing new look to your stone for a lifetime using dynamic products from pFOkUS®. Beneath we have specified about our granite restoration service.

Polishing Travertine Stone

Wiping out Stains with a Penetrating Cleaner:

D’Sapone passes on the best restoration service with a patented cleaning process. Our artists exceed expectations in cleaning granite countertops and floors. We apply Imperia Deep Clean – a deep penetrating cleaner over the stone surface. Imperia seeps into the surface and eliminate all the deep rooted stains. It cleans, preps and sanitizes the surface without damaging its beauty.

Sealing Granite with an Invisible Clear Resin Sealer:

Our experts perform natural stone sealing with an astonishing invisible sealer- Repela Bond. This water based sealer includes clear resins, which soak into granite and provide a hydrophobic effect to prevent liquids from penetrating into the stone. It will pass on your floor or countertop an astonishing look.

Polishing the Stone to Perfection:

After cleaning and sealing the stone, we perform granite polishing with an efficient topical sealer. This takes the stone surface to another level and delivers it a polished look, along these lines making us the best granite countertop cleaning service.

A Sealed Granite Countertop

D’Sapone’s restoration services come with a 5 year labor warranty. Contact us today for a free granite restoration estimate.


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