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The Future of Bathtub Restoration is Here

D'Sapone Admin, August 11, 2017

Installing bathtubs in bathrooms brings a luxurious soaking experience. But, they also need the proper restoration overtime to keep their beauty and durability. A quality bathtub restoration is a great choice to deliver your worn tubs that brand new look. But, most contractors perform restorations using less expensive and lower quality coatings, causing failures such as chips, peeling issues and as far as the coating simple wearing off within a year.

Bathtu Stripping Coating Process

When hiring less expensive contractors for a bathtub renovation you should consider this list:

  • Bath mats and other slip resistant articles can simply ruin the coating.
  • It will degrade quickly after a year.
  • Slippery, can be dangerous when the correct slip resistant application is not to spec.
  • Mold and mildew will take place under the coating.
  • Lower quality coatings are applied on the tub paper thin.

Why Hire D'Sapone® to Perform Bathtub Restorations?

D'Sapone® is one of the best shower, floor and bathtub restoration companies in the United States. We have signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS® to bring back that look to the surface you strive for. Our high quality service will renew your outdated tub. All of our restoration processes are listed below…

Bathtub Stripping with a Natural Product:

For the first time in the restoration industry, bathtub stripping comes with a natural product – pFOkUS®’ Tub Stripper. It delivers two times the removal capabilities of other strippers without diminishing the value of the surface.

Bathtub stripping process atlanta

Cleaning the Entire Surface with Imperia Deep Clean:

Bathtub cleaning at the next level has become second nature to us. We use Imperia Deep Clean – a penetrating cleaner, throughout the entire surface removing all the mold, mildew and stains.

Coating the Tub Using Saponi:

Cleaning, micro-etching and painting is all part of the perfect coating. We achieved that high-gloss white porcelain finish through re-imagining the tub industry – a remarkably precise, three-coat process of Saponi -a two part solvent based titanium primer and top coat. Our bathtub coating process will never peel.

Bathtub Coating Atlanta

Making the Surface Slip-resistant:

Our natural restoration process is not only a restoration that restores the tub finish, it also includes a built in slip-resistant application on the tub floor. The most powerful form of preventing slip falls will be molded to the bottom of your tub. The slip resistant will be created with titanium blended using Saponi and an aggregate. So, we don’t just design our restoration process around the beauty – safety was the first thought, not an afterthought.

Creating an Astonishing Look with a Paint-Less Process if a Coating is Not Needed:

Even though D'Sapone® can handle a complete paint restoration of a bathtub – sometimes our natural restoration process is a better choice and we use zero paint.

Paintless Bathtub Restoration Service atlanta

Offering Maintenance with Less Effort:

Once we restore your bathtub, you can keep its beauty easily with Valore. It’s not just a maintenance product, it’s better in every way, leaving your bathtub with a stunning look after each use. Valore will add a coat of sealer to your tub while sanitizing the surface. It will also extend your bathtub restoration warranty up to 5 years.

What are you waiting for? Reach us @ (880)781-7718 and receive your free bathtub restoration estimate.


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