Why we Seal Grout instead of Re-grouting?

Why we Seal Grout instead of Re-grouting?

D'Sapone Admin, December 23, 2016

If your grout is stained and missing, other contractors will replace it with new grout, offering a band-aid solution. Instead of re-grouting tile, D'Sapone® seals grout with a high quality sealer designed by pFOkUS®. It’s a force, inspiring us since day one to deliver you a service, which is far beyond your imagination.

grout color sealing with Caponi®

Why my Grout is Stained within 6 Months?

The three most common reasons behind this issue are:

  • Grout is a cement based material, which is very porous and retains moisture, causing stains and mold to occur.
  • Most contractors seal grout with water based sealers that peel or wear off the floor and walls within six months, allowing mold and stains to take place.
  • Other companies simply engage in grouting over old grout to rectify this issue, as it is a cheap and easy process. Re-grouting tile – replacing the old grout with new grout causes the same burden again within months and this process continues in a loop

Is Re-grouting Worth it?

Re-grouting is definitely not worth the time and investment because:

  • It cannot last for a long time and causes stains to take place within months.
  • In the process of re-grouting tile floor and shower floor, contractors remove old grout, which takes quite a long and is messy as well.
  • The new grout color doesn’t suit the project’s need.

How Often Should you Re-grout?

You should not rely on a fixed period for regrouting shower tile and kitchen tile. It should be done as soon as you find cracked, missing or peeling grout. The more you prolong the need of regrouting or replacing grout in shower and flooring, the more damage you cause to your tile and flooring.

Instead of re-grouting shower floor, you should first get grout repair done. We first repair grout to fill in the cracks and then apply Caponi® grout sealer to seal the grout lines.

How Caponi® Grout Sealer Works Instead of Re-grouting?

  • Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin penetrates deep into grout preventing mold, mildew and stains from occurring.
  • It comes in over 40 different colors suiting your needs.
  • Its sharp pigment will make your grout look new.
  • Caponi® is formulated with a 2 part solvent catalyst, which cannot be damaged by chemicals or scrubbing.
  • Its one coat application is enough to seal all grout lines.
  • Just opposite to water based sealers, it will never peel and wear off grout.
  • Caponi® takes advantage of all settings and waterproofs grout preventing it from absorbing moisture.

After we leave, you can maintain your floor, backsplashes and shower with Valore – a maintenance cleaner and sealer. It is available in a small aluminium bottle with up to 7% hydrogen peroxide. Just spray it on your surface once a week and enjoy stain free shower, floor and backsplashes for your lifetime with a 5 year labor warranty.

When it comes to re-grouting tile, D'Sapone® has proved to be different from the rest. Instead of seeking a tile regrouting service, you should hire our services to get a permanent solution for your grout lines. We have totally abolished the old practice of re-grouting and come up with new revolutionary services using exquisitely designed products.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get a free estimate. If you have queries regarding re-grouting tile, you can leave us a message on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we promise to cover it up in our next blog post.


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